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  1. KorbenDallas

    Augason Farms Breakfast and Dinner Emergency Food Supply

    Augason Farms was founded on the belief that survival foods should taste as good as a home cooked meal, and they do. Long gone are the days of emergency foods tasting like MREs. Because Augason Farm’s emergency foods taste great, they’re ideal for not only disasters, but as a tasty and...
  2. KorbenDallas

    Augason Farms Breakfast Emergency Food Supply

    Currently, over 65% of all Americans are unprepared for any natural or manmade disaster. If you find yourself in that category, know that the importance of emergency preparedness can’t be overstated. Augason Farms has made it easy to get prepared by offering a wide range of products to meet your...
  3. KorbenDallas

    Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Emergency Food Supply

    You don’t need an underground bunker to be prepared for the next disaster. An adequate emergency food supply can be assembled and stored just about anywhere, including mobile homes, apartments, condos and motor homes, providing everyone with the ability to shelter in place until the situation...