1. Pope Saint  Callistus I instituting the fasts

    Pope Saint Callistus I instituting the fasts

    Pope Callixtus I, also called Callistus I, was the bishop of Rome (according to Sextus Julius Africanus) from c. 218 to his death c. 222 or 223. Lives of saints, France, Paris, 14th century, Richard de Montbaston and collaborators.
  2. KorbenDallas

    The Dark Secret of the Vatican Pagan Gods

    It appears that Vatican and Rome became visibly Christian only around the middle of the 19th century. The same, most likely, applies for the remainder of European territories. In other words Jesus existed in Europe along the likes of Zeus, Apollo and many other Gods until approximately 1850s. It...
  3. KorbenDallas

    Welcome to the Vatican Library Secret Archives... you are not!

    CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY It is sad that the biggest source of the history of mankind could become one person's private domain. This is exactly what the Vatican Library, including its Secret Archives, is. The Vatican Library is the inalienable property of the Supreme Pontiff, and it is by his...