1. KorbenDallas

    ‘Dragon Man’ skull: a new species of human

    How about this? A remarkable scientific discovery has been made in China. Researchers say they have found the skull of what they believe is a new species of human, which could be our closest evolutionary relative. If confirmed, 'Dragon Man,' as he's been named, would replace the Neanderthals as...
  2. KorbenDallas

    Question | Why Giant Skulls? The Repeal or the Funeral of Miss Americ-Stamp, 1765-66

    Within this Family Vault, Lie Interred, it is to be hoped never to rise again, The Star Chamber Court Ship Money Excise Money & all Imposts without Parliament. The Act de Haeritico Comburendo Hearth Mon Gener Warrants And which tended to alienate the Affections of Englishmen to their Country...
  3. Escaping from Death

    Escaping from Death

    A unique etching of a dream had by the artist William Strang (1859–1921) in 1897 depicts a woman emerging from a horned skull. Strang's art was haunted by the recurrent theme of escaping from the clutches of death.
  4. Vanitas, or Memento Mori

    Vanitas, or Memento Mori

    A large skull behind a sleeping putto in an architectural framework, with text in a strapwork cartouche below. Published by Hieronymus Cock. Date: 1550-1570.
  5. KorbenDallas

    1793: Marie Antoinette and Elongated Skulls

    Normally, intentionally elongated or flattened skulls are associated with ancient Mesoamerican cultures. But this exquisite specimen, which dates back some 1,500 years, was recently found at a dig in Alsace, France. French archaeologists made a surprising discovery during an excavation, when...