Continent of North America does not exist... or could it be a part of Asia?



1546 Vniversale
  • World map on oval projection. North and South America are shown with North America as part of China. Cartographic elements include lines of latitude and longitude, location of some rivers and settlements (Temitistan, or Tenochtitlán, is especially noted, as are the seven cities of Coronado), some topograpical details, and six windheads. Decorative elements include ships and sea monsters.
  • Apparently proof state before addition of cloud border, author, imprint, and without word "Amazon" in South America. The map is pasted on another paper labeled "Planisfero." Made by Giacomo Gastaldi, the most influential Venetian map publisher of the 16th century, this map was the prototype of a series of later world maps, including Ortelius's world map in his atlas of 1570.



Perhaps it's more a case of "America WAS connected to Asia... but then changes happened which created a big ocean in between."

I currently am taking this embarrassingly normal stance, because (I think) I lived in California, looked westward at what seemed to be an ocean, and (I think) I saw the huge pacific ocean when (I think) I flew from California to Japan.

Of course it's possible I was fooled, for example when one looks westward from the California beach, I ASSUMED based on the official map stories that I was looking at "a vast ocean going all the way to Hawaii and Japan", but perhaps I was merely looking at a 15km tiny strip of salty water. And perhaps all passengers on flights "from California to Hawaii and Japan" are fooled by video screens which we naively assume are windows...

Such a grand "ocean hoax" is possible, but probably more probable is that the old maps WERE right back then, America WAS connected to Asia, but then there was an expansion, and now there really does seem to be a big ocean in between.

To say "The Pacific Ocean is not there" would require some kind of "it's there for some folks' current timeline/dimension/reality A, but not there for other folks' current timeline/dimension/reality B" complex qualification.

Still, I want to reassert my love of keeping an open-mind to all ideas, and my love of having the courage to admit that most of what we "know" is in fact a bunch of assumptions based on mountains of lies without any evidence and without any actual "knowing" at all.

Even if it turns out the "Pacific Ocean currently doesn't exist" theory is mistaken, and even if it turns out the "Australia is currently larger than they tell us" theory is mistaken, I still think that of the hundreds of wonderful ideas which you have shared so far (and are continuing to courageously share everday, thank you) most of your ideas seem very true, in my opinion.

For example, I still think it is quite probable that you ARE CORRECT about the fact that the current maps ARE somehow hiding land from us. Let's continue to try to figure out where. Perhaps Antarctica is huge?
Wow! this thread is hurting my brain. i used to think i was pretty good at geography but that had to do with the big pull down map that covered the chalkboard in my fourth grade classroom. since i registered at this site, i can say with some certainty that everything i know i wrong. It is, however, refreshing to view the world around me with so many unanswered questions.
Sun Tsu wrote that the first casualty of war is truth. Taking a look at the past we can identify ongoing warfare. If I have understood correctly many countries are still both officially and unofficially at war today. Giving your opponent an opportunity to know where you are, how to get there, your history, where you came from, your beliefs and your technical secrets is like giving them the keys to your home and a loaded 357. Not very smart. Whose to say we are not at war right now? Who's the enemy? I think those with some awareness know the answer, unfortunately.

My personal observation has been that most people have a totally wrong idea about almost everything relating to the area they live, their past and technology that surrounds and controls them. The land area known to us basic hillybilly's is clearly a carefully crafted illusion. Proven conspiracy. I also have huge doubts about the distances international flights claim to cover. Either the speed or maps are wrong, I suspect both.

Did you know that we have Pumas (exactly the same looking guys as in North America) in Finland and Russia? They cross the border (Finland has the longest border with Russia in the world) freely since there is basically just forrest. Russians even feed them and keep them as pets sometimes but in Finland the subject is huge taboo and the government has done its share to put a gag order to this fact. We even have an old county called Puumala (Puma) next to Russian border where they have had several sightings by the local hunters over the decades and even centuries. Finnish academia (ran by occupying Swedish forces) claims mountain lions (puma, cougar) dont exist in the same continent we do. Also according wiki they exist only in North and South America. Puma (genus) - Wikipedia Oh, I forgot, our national seal has a lion in it and I ve seen old maps showing men fighting lions on them.

As summary, I am yet to prove government version of this reality what I observe, calculate, measure and read from more clever ones than me, right. We might be at war and the truth could be so terrifying to masses that no government want to disclose whats really up? Who knows, we might be a food source and you dont get many votes by telling people such tasty news. Its easier to control people who live in da lala-land.
I never thought of that aspect, a truth so terrifying. It's something I might have to worry about, but at least it's interesting!
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Always had an interest in maps, etc, have you guys looked at any ancient globe models??

Was at a friends' yesterday and noticed he has an old old style globe (re-printed as a drinks cabinet, of course!).. the separate continents are all, from the latin names (America Septentrionalis) it's a 1600s ish globe?!?

America septentrionalis.jpg

(apologies for the flash, and lack of other images... was getting late when I noticed it!)
I couldn't find the name of the artist, or a date, think it must be underneath! But there are some interesting place names for sure :)