17th Century: Electric Swords?

Bizarre things dug out from the literature of the past keep on coming. Whatever is depicted on the images below is beyond my understanding, when looked from the conventional stand point. Of course being in French, and German, understanding of these books does not help my comprehension of the contents. Some of the images these books present are are truly fascinating.


It appears we have some sort of knowledge possessed by the 17th century people involving remarkable control over electricity. Actually, the books were published in the 17th century. Whether they reflect on the events contemporary to the publication, I do not know. The below images reminded me of some of the Tesla's experiments. Yet, trying to translate some of the text, suggests that it is just fireworks. Electrical fireworks may be...


Apart from being a creation of the 17th century "Jules Vernes", I do not see any traditional explanation for the existence of any such technology in 1650s.


KD: Relevant opinions on the displayed above and linked below are be highly appreciated. What kind of swords were these?

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