1904-1978: Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
The cathedral is based on a design by Giles Gilbert Scott, and was constructed between 1904 and 1978. The total external length of the building (including the Lady Chapel) is 207 yards (189 m) making it the longest cathedral in the world; its internal length is 160 yards (150 m). In terms of overall volume, Liverpool Cathedral ranks as the fifth-largest cathedral in the world. With a height of 331 feet (101 m) it is also one of the world's tallest non-spired church buildings. The cathedral is recorded in the National Heritage List for England.
  • This Lady Chapel was allegedly built in 1910. Read here.
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral-1.jpg

Construction photographs are plenty, but we have a few interesting, in my opinion, images to talk about. They pertain to the construction of the above Cathedral. The below three photographs were sourced from here.

1904: The Anglican Cathedral foundations
The Anglican Cathedral foundations in 1904.jpg

1927: The Anglican cathedral under construction
Even though they've been at it since 1904, it still looks a mammoth task and it would take until 1978 before completion.

The Anglican cathedral under construction in 1927.jpg

What Year?
Below we have an image from the same source +1. I am trying to get some sort of a date attached to this photograph. For that we have the state of completion, the appearance of the structure and the truck. I guess that would be lorry in UK.

Anglican cathedral excavations showing how laborious and primitive they were.
Anglican cathedral excavations showing how laborious and primitive they were..jpg

Lady Chapel
The Lady Chapel (originally intended to be called the Morning Chapel), the first part of the building to be completed, was consecrated in 1910 by Chavasse in the presence of two Archbishops and 24 other Bishops. The date, 29 June - St Peter's Day - was chosen to honor the pro-cathedral, now due to be demolished.
Apologies, buy I could not find a better image of the below Lady Chapel structure. As far as I understand it took them 6 years to complete


The Lady Chapel Organ

Then we have the below undated image. Based on what it says, I assume the building is not there yet, and this is something it's gonna look like.

City Plans
What structures do you think we have in place of the future cathedral? The Public Cemetery is obviously our today's Saint James Mount and Gardens.
  • St James's Cemetery is an urban park behind Liverpool Cathedral that is below ground level. Until 1825, the space was a stone quarry, and until 1936 it was used as the Liverpool city cemetery. It has been designated a Grade I Historic Park by Historic England.
More plans: here.

Allegedly this is all there was in that spot in 1859.




KD: I guess that excavation photograph with a new building looking rather old, looks a bit suspicious to me. Why are they digging in there? That is a lot of dirt to move. At the same time this foundation cannot be that old if they only started in 1904. Did they really remove all that dirt to install the foundation, and then filled everything back in, so that they could remove the dirt one more time a few years later?
  • May be it's some mislabeled building in this image, and this is not our Liverpool Cathedral...
  • 1884: They started planning early, huh?
  • This here is an album with allegedly early-1920's images of the inside of the Cathedral.

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