19th century photographs of the US Government in session prior to 1865. Where are they?

I have mentioned this "little" issue before, so, naturally, just wanted to suggest a combined effort of sorts. When was the earliest known photograph of the United States Government in session taken? I keep on running into nothing but drawings. The best I could come up with was this 1874 (allegedly) photograph of the 43rd US Congress posing on the stairs of the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Stairs are good, but where is anything in session? How about any State Government in session prior to 1865?

1874 Group Photo

Below is an example of what I keep on finding - drawings, drawings, and more drawings.

1874 In Session
1874 - The United States Senate in session.jpg

KD: May be I'm just not good with locating any photos pertaining to this specific topic. Please see if you can locate any actual photographs of the US Government in Session pertaining to the 19th century. (prior to the end of the Civil War would be ideal, any 19th century "in session"photo would be great)

If you end up running into the same issue I did, what do you think the reason for the absence of such photographs is? Sure it can not be the lack of proper photographic technology, for tech was there.

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