6,000 year old hoofprints: Ground breaking discovery made by the University of Buckingham

Construction of a tunnel past Stonehenge could spell the loss of a “unique” site which can trace the presence of people back to the last Ice Age, experts have warned.

6,000 year old hoofprints
  • Perfectly preserved hoofprints of wild cattle known as aurochs have recently been found at excavations a mile and a half from the famous stone circle in Wiltshire, University of Buckingham archaeologist David Jacques said.
  • The 6,000-year-old hoofprints, preserved in what appears to be a ritualistic manner, are the latest in a wealth of finds in a decade-long dig at Blick Mead, which Prof Jacques said formed a “national archive of British history”.
Professor David Jacques from the University of Buckingham, Ladies & Gentlemen.

KD: Amazing, they have the entire previous civilization (including Tartary) to investigate, and they are digging for the hoofprints. Could they get any more excited? What a shame...

Now we have:

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