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Oct 29, 2020
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General Info

1. This blog contains my thoughts on history, and history related events. This is not a general purpose blog.
2. Just like with any personal blog, only commenting is possible. This is not a forum.
3. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the already existing content.
4. Keep politics away from this blog. 9/11 type talks do not belong here either. For general conspiratorial discussions please consider
5. Please keep in mind, that all of us have been to school and are familiar with the official versions of the events.
6. Be polite, and respectful. We all can sense when things go in the wrong direction. Diffuse the situation instead of provoking your fellow blog visitor.
7. Please select an avatar for yourself.
8. Do not “derail” articles. If your comment has nothing to do with the article, please do not comment.
9. No spam or advertising.


1. This is an English only blog. Please comment in English.
2. Do not post in ALL CAPS.
3. Upload and center your images and videos.
4. If copy/pasting, provide the source link. When posting from Wikipedia, please remove irrelevant links and delete things looking like this - [4][5][6].


Details are here: Blog Information

KD: That's all I can think of right now. Will update if needed.

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