Climate Zones: Vladivostok vs. Anchorage vs. Bandon

Additionally to the weird time zones, we have this climate zone map. Its contents are perfectly explainable via the official dogmatic position based on the data we can not verify for ourselves. Yet I have hard time believing that Anchorage, Alaska can be warmer than Vladivostok, Russia. This Russian city is located 1,300 miles South of Anchorage when compared North to South. 400 miles due East from Vladivostok is Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Ocean Currents

World Climate Zones

Vladivostok - Bandon
North to South ~ Same

43.1198° N vs. 43.1190° N

Bandon Winter
Bandon: Winter in Bandon, Oregon is a little bit different than the traditional idea of winter. Bandon often sees cool, stormy days during winter. However, thanks to its location in the “banana belt” of Oregon's coast, Bandon can see days in the 60s during January, giving a welcome respite to the cold.


Vladivostok Winter
Vladivostok: The general winter pattern is very dry, almost electric air, strong wind and temperature slightly below zero, approximately -10C/14F or so. The temperature is very consistent, it seldom climbs up or drops down significantly. Sometimes at nights it fell lower, but never ever below -20C/-4F degrees (I never experienced anything lower than -15C/5F there).


Vladivostok - Sapporo
North to South ~ Same
43.1198° N vs. N 43.0621° N

Vladivostok - Anchorage
North to South ~ 1300 Miles/2100 km

43.1198° N vs. 61.2181° N
  • Vladivostok: 43.1198° N, 131.8869° E
  • Bandon: 43.1190° N, 124.4084° W
  • Sapporo: 43.0621° N, 141.3544° E
  • Anchorage: 61.2181° N, 149.9003° W

KD: Yup, I'm still toying with time and climate zones which are weird to me. Do I suspect that our maps are misrepresented in general? May be. There are too many unverifiable things out there. The ones requiring faith in the official science, and that I do not have.
  • I think the weather in Vladivostok when compared to that in Anchorage does not make sense.
I know it sounds crazy at the moment, but I do entertain an idea that all these anomalies or unverifiable data dependent inconsistencies could be due to our map layouts being seriously messed up.
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