Poll | Have you ever seen a legit UFO?

Have you ever seen a legit UFO?

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Oct 29, 2020
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I am not talking about some flying thing that you suspect might have been produced at a local plane making shop like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Aerobus, etc.

This pole pertains to legit UFO’s… where if you see one, it’s like, holysh*t, this thing is out of this world. The kind regular people associate with extraterrestrial aliens.

For myself, I have never seen one. If you have, please share your experience.

Additionally, what made you think that what you observed was not produced by the conventionally known aviation industry?

Also, why do you think they replaced UFO with UAP?
Yes a yellow light travelling west to east around 7-00pm on a spring night.
It was below the lowest altitude jets pass over here and was silent.

Yes number one son and I were sat on a bench on a small hill in the grounds of Holker Hall and we watched a pair of planes going through the blue sky at the usual altitude range for jets round here.
One looked to be at a higher altitude than the other but by how much is anyone's guess.
The 'upper' one was trailing a very long persistent and spreading white trail whereas the 'lower' had a very short quickly disappearing white trail. As we watched the 'upper plane' vanished. It just disappeared leaving its long white spreading trail behind.
The other plane carried on on its journey.
We both said "Did you see that?" together.

Therre is currently an unidentified bright light in the sky that has been in the same position for six months at least. It appears when the sun goes down and disappears after the sun comes up. And by disappearing I mean it just vanishes like it is a light being switched off.
It moves in a westerly direction parallel to the level plane and its altitude doesn't change. Its above the jets altitude.
If the mid point of its travel is 12 on a clock face it moves from 8 minutes to to 8 minutes past taking a straight line.

Its been visible in rural Spain for six years according to the wife of a friend who lives there!
Timeshifter is going to point his telescope and camera at it if Sheffield skies ever clear at night. Currently its continuous cloud.
why do you think they replaced UFO with UAP?
For marketing purposes.
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Well, I guess when it's a UAP anything can be included, including lights.
Unidentified Flying Object.
The light moved from east to west parallel to the level plane in the sky.
I couldn't see what it was or what if anything it was attached to.
Unidentified, tick.
Flying, tick.
Object, tick.

As for any recognisable machine, light arrangement, shape, beast, bird etc aka something identifiably material then no never seen anything.
I definitely was not clear in the OP. I did mean a recognizable machine, but my explanation was lacking.
Hi... I have seen quite a few... Once you know what to look for there are many.
How I know what t look for is because around 2000 I was out exploring a mountain near where I lived by walking up the river gully that emptied the mountain waters into the river below... I was about 2 klms up and when approaching a cascade area I saw a ball of fog that was about 4m diameter and about 3m high... The ball of fog seemed to be lit up by the sunlight but there was no sunlight able to access this deep part of the gully... That's what got my attention... I knew that the fog wasn't lit up by the sun so as I got closer I could see 3 people in there... They were difficult to see because they were sort of translucent. I froze where I was standing so that they might not see me... This ball of fog/mist thing was about 10 metres from where I was standing... There were people in there... 2 sitting facing each other and one standing up looking out at the forest and ferns that were there... He was just standing with his hands in hi pockets... One of the people at the table was sort of facing me but kept looking at the desklike touchscreen thing and he seemed to be talking to the other with his back to me.. I watched them for about a minute without moving a muscle because the nearest tree t me was about 2 away and I couldn't get a break from the dude facing me... Anyhow... The fellow facing me saw me a said "We've been spotted" and quicker than a flash they and the ball of fog/mist disappeared... And when I say quicker than a flash I really mean it... It was so fast I think it was in a non-time moment... (that puzzled me almost more than seeing them in it)
Anyway.. WWhen I got back home I reported it to the 'official' UFO center in Sydney (which was at the Freemason HQ I think) and sort of didn't worry if they did not reply.
But blow me down... I got an email inquiry from the Navy at HMAS Penguin in Sydney.... I told them I saw 3 Aliens in the fog/mist thing because I wanted6a bit of mental space to work this stuff out.But... After getting the crap hacked out of me for several months I told them that there was people in that thing. I did not tell them direct... I posted it to a blog in the USA because I knew the would read it... The hacks eased off after that but no doubt I would have some sort of 'flag' on my name and whatever.
So... Because I know what to look for as opposed to 'lights moving' or flying saucers or Tictacs or even cigar shapes like that that have an outer skin... I look for these mist/fog' clouds that have to much light coming out of them... To date I have seen 3 others... And they are fairly big.. 2 at a distance of probably a few kilometres and one recently probably the the same distance. The interesting thing is that when they dissappear in the sky in an instant they cause a flare of light like liquid light dribble/drop sort of light... The all do the same thing... I think its a plasma flare caused by the instant 'delocation' which causes the surrounding atmosphere to react in an energetic way... It might be an electromagnetic reaction to massive instant energy vacuum there.
All 3 seem to be over water for some reason and all of them are above brackish water. (could be a coincidence but hey)
This recent one is interesting though... Its far-king hyooge... About the size of a small village or hamlet maybe... I've seen it about ten times now... Once it was so obvious because the cloud/mist/fog was all out on it's own in a mostly clear sky but with high winds... And it wasn't moving... But the mist on top was getting blown away from it... I looked around to grab a witness and showed him but he thought it was just a weird cloud that didn't budge, but when I said how then is the top mist getting blown off he said it must be the way that the air currents work... It was not translucent at the time and it did not do the flash thing because it faded slowly, which is how the arrive... Real slow.
Anyway... There are people in those 'Area Ships' and the big one seems to have 3 or 4 floors. (or decks) and what is weird is that I've seen a very old painting from about the 1300 - 1400 AD timeline about 10 or 12 years ago on the Internet that I cannot find anymore... The painting had one big ball thing in the sky with 3 floors in it and people standing in there and it had no walls or containment showing in the picture/painting.... That is the same thing as I see.
Somehow I think this stuff is the same sort of technology that is in the Bible regarding the 'Rapture'... And with what I've seen makes that Rapture story more plausible... I think it happens quite a lot... you know... People re-habiting cities... Who built all of those buildings that weren't built by the horse and cart people???
Human Aliens... I wonder where they are from?... I'm beginning to think that there are many many of them here and they have some sort of 'beam me up scotty' sort of arrangement.
Just to clarify something…I realised something after I posted this… they probably don’t arrive slowly they most likely arrive instantly and then the fog gathers … I think the fog/mist/cloud gathers and builds up because of it’s energy causes that.. not because it’s done on purpose for a ‘cloak (because the mist/fog makes them easier to see in the daytime it wouldn’t be done on purpose)…so they don't fade slowly, they disappear instantaneously… the mist/fog/cloud fades slowly after it has left… and that ‘ plasma flare’ would be difficult to see in the daytime. (I’ve never seen one in the daytime)
To see one do the whole ‘thing’ is really time consuming… they can stay for hours…I would get a crick neck watching one of these. And sometimes I would end up watching a normal cloud for 5 or 10 minutes before I disregard it.
This puts a new spin on jumping at shadows… it’s more like jumping at clear light. 🤫
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40 years ago.
closest distance: 25-50 meters
duration: 15 minutes aprox.
while travelling, at night, on road, on highway, on car average speed at 80 kms

we realized that there were no helicopter or man vehicle that could be in a second over a closer hill moving up and down vertically, fast forward-backwards, andin a secondbe over the car, on in back the car.

this story is different.
we were on a unknown road for us, dark, travelling at night. my mother was asking for something that could light the road. and a light, object came form the sky, above the car, in the back part, and descended to light us in the road.
the light that provided the object illuminated the road properly, so my mom could drive.
there were no truck, or car behing us, the object was suspended on the air, together with us while we were travelling.

in an instant the object moved to the hills at the right, and moved vertically over that hills, while we were travelling, and then returned to illuminate the road.

over the hills the object was like jumping at the night over the hills, jumping at will, going up, down, forward, back,
going to the other side of the hill and return, all in seconds, all simultaneously at the same time that we were driving at 80 km/h.

no man made object could do that,no helicopter is ableto do that, etc.

we thanked to them, I couldnt see the pilots of that vehicle.

the object was behind the car, over the air, illuminating our road.

it illuminated the road for us, like 20-25 minutes, until we approached to a transited road,
we wave andsaid thanks, and the object dissapeared on the air.

it was less than 30 minutes all the experience, because we talked about that after the object leaved.
I'm in the "absolutely never" camp. I think any reported UFOs or UAPs are just human-controlled creations. In my estimation, the Creator/angels are not interacting with us in any way at this moment in history. But another belief influencing my thoughts is that we are alone in the universe and that we cannot leave Earth. I can see how changing these two beliefs would lead itself to a more open interpretation to UFOs.
Ok finally got around to this. Here are my what I would consider to be UFO/UAP experiences, in that they were things I had no clue what they were, all incidences where you do the double triple quadruple check you're awake thing. I've somewhat regularly seen lights flying at incredible speeds every now and then, nothing majorly out of this world to note. However, listed below are the more unusual instances. Some of this sounds totally whack I know so uh.. please reserve judgement and the tomatoes lol.

Black Flat 2D Disc. I saw a dark orb once when I was about 8 years old in my bedroom, seemed to be looking at me from it's point on the wall under my desk. This orb was very black, no dimension to it just flat and pitch dark inside, like a black hole of sorts... so maybe it wasn't an orb, who knows. Felt like emptiness and despair. Ran down to my parents after getting past the petrified stage.

Gigantic White Orb. Saw this fly through my room towards my brothers' room in the middle of the night. It was huge, probably about beachball size. The odd fact coordinating this incident was that night my brother also apparently saw something in his room. It is my assumption that the light was this thing's travel mechanism per se, and my brother saw the materialized something else. Funny thing is when he told this to my mom he had no idea that I had seen the light in my room the same night.

Gawking Blue Light. During the darker times in my life I woke up in the middle of the night to see a super invasively bright blue light, white in the middle with a blue outline, kind of like a star in the skies above or resembling a super bright non-flickering version, looking at me through my bedroom door. Even though it was just a point of light I just knew it was intently staring at me and not in a good way. It definitely felt like a violation, being gawked at, anything a human might do times a thousand. Might have sensed a deep type of hatred as well. Either way it wasn't positive. I closed my eyes not wanting to see it anymore and eventually fell asleep.

Flying "Fireball". Several years ago going through a stroll downtown middle of the day I once saw what looked like a fireball moving (it was not exactly falling if that makes sense) slowly down diagonally slowly with smaller fire sparks spiraling around it. Looked like something ancient you know like Lord of the Rings genre. After it finished it's descent, it flew away horizontally very fast, it was definitely hovering or something as in it wasn't jet-propelled. I know at that height birds would look tiny so it had to have been fairly large in size. It was mesmerizing to say the least.

Dark Orb Mini Death Star. Used to have a mirror attached to a dresser that belonged to by grandparents, who were heavy into ancestor worship for a time. During my own somewhat recent metamorphosis I eventually came across a couple menorahs, set one of them in front of my mirror on the dresser, the bedroom was upstairs. That evening, while sitting in my usual chair in the living room, I saw a dark matte very physical looking slightly larger than golf-ball sized orb float down the stairs and out the front door - think of a mini death star from Star Wars pretty much lol. Thought I was crazy but I know my pet also saw it and she was definitely upset and looking at it as it went out the door.

Green Light with Metallic Wheel? I saw this one about a month ago. For whatever reason woke up in the middle of the night, I saw in the upper corner of my room a soft-glowing greenish light probably a little smaller than the size of a ping pong ball. Definitely intelligent. It seemed to have smaller green points on the north, south, east, and west nodes maybe 3-4 inches from the center; the east and west points also had something that looked like small metallic segments in between; so the whole thing was essentially kinda diamond-shaped pattern of lights with a larger light in the center. I wasn't afraid but I didn't know what it was and felt like I stared at it for a minute so I propped myself up and said something along the lines of "I cover you in Yahusha's blood" it seemed to react with surprise and humor as if it was saying "Seriously? I'm on your team genius but fine" then the east and west smaller points of light with the metallic segments began to horizontally spin counterclockwise around the larger light portion; as this portion spun around I noticed it almost had a checkered appearance because of the spinning and it slowly floated through my ceiling out of view. Somewhat reminded me of perhaps a different variety of the "wheel within a wheel" mentioned in Daniel.. It was impressive how it moved and I'm actually rather thankful I got to see it. While thinking about what I had just seen, I "heard" in my head, "don't be afraid" and I said I'm not. Compared to the sharp blue light experience before, this one definitely didn't have the same vibe in any way, and though I'd never seen it before it felt familiar. While it was a light, it definitely seemed machine-like as well especially when the horizontal lights began to spin around the center. Looking back I should have asked it some questions lol next time if it happens I will.. Who are you and what do you want lol hopefully the response will be enlightening.

That's about it I think, sorry if you were looking for more of an abduction scenario alien craft
Thanks for the fun question
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