Star shaped Cities, Towns, and Forts as evidence of the unified world of the recent past

Star shaped cities, towns and fortifications are located through out the entire world. They were predominantly created prior to the 18th century. Their uniformity and style suggests the same shared architecture related educational background of their creators. These structures are located in the areas which seemingly should not share any common features. Additionally, it is important to remember that we are talking about 1600-1700s here, hence lack of just about everything we are used to enjoy today: e-mail, phone, internet, transportation, education etc.

It is very easy to dismiss this strangeness by saying "that is how they built those days". Whether it is a plausible explanation or not, is up to every individual observer. Our conventional science chooses to ignore the topic. After all, why would "traditionalists" look for that chief engineer who made sure that buildings all over the world were built to the same standard? Or how those builders 300-400 years ago were able to create something like this. What tools they used for measuring, for excavation, or where the work force came from? For example, 17th-18th century shovel is only a click away.


These structures were slowly but surely getting destroyed, or remodeled/restructured through out time. It could have been done to eliminate any reminder of the Centralized Global Union existing on Earth in the past. Some of the areas where they were located, look nothing like they used to. At the same time there is plenty of evidence left.

Global positioning of the structures in question.

star_forts.jpg Asian_Star_Forts.jpg Star_city_ukrain_BIG_Map_2.jpg Star_city_ukrain_BIG_Map_1.jpg

Complexity of the engineering design does not correspond to the technological level, abilities and most importantly possible needs of the time. Simply put, why would those people in the 17th century go through with such a construction process, instead of building simple square walls? It makes very little sense, unless there is an unknown reason hiding somewhere in history. A reason strong enough to make the entire world construct these star shaped walls.

Below, I would like to present a few examples of the star shaped cities, towns and forts located in various parts of this world.

North America

Forts: Frederick, Independence, Castilo de San Marcos, Wayne, Clinch, Gaines, McHenry, Mose, Augusta, Malden, Ticonderoga, Ontario, plus multiple on the Manhattan Island.
Cities and Forts: Bourtange (1563), Palmanova (1600s), Naarden (1600s), Kastellet (1600s)
These will follow without links.

Some additional plans:

And I could probably go on and on, but somebody has done the job already: List of Star Forts - hundreds located all over the world.

I see a direct correlation between these star shaped forts, and cities, and buildings described in Similar style buildings are all over the world. Were they built by our civilization? Thus, my summary is going to sound very similar.

Summary: I believe, as recently as 150-200 years ago there was one World Union with no countries. It was a civilization whose technical development was similar to that of ours. I am not saying that it was good or bad. I do believe that current political system of the world conquered and destroyed the previous one. In the process billions of people were killed. These star structured forts, and cities we see all over the world are the remnants of that previous civilization. (I am still working on this concept. I believe something catastrophic happened twice: once in the 18th, and once in the 19 century. I also believe that the Timelines of World History, as well as the World History itself were intentionally altered. Meaning to the point where it is impossible to say what happened, when it happened and if it happened at all.)

P.S.1 Could it be that our technologically advanced civilization has not made a few Nature related technological discoveries yet?


Amazing Resonance Experiment - 432-440Hz

P.S.2 Thinking of why there are some spots free of the star shaped forts and cities on the below map...

1. Central North America and Pacific North West: global changes in the shape and form of the continent. Only some major drastic cataclysm could have caused this transformation. I think a pretty good chunk of the PNW was under water for a long time.

1564 - 1647
1564_map_america.jpg 1647_map_america.jpg

2. Russia and Siberia: Mud flood and something else - What happened to the Siberian forests 200 years ago?

3. Africa: Annihilation of the entire area - 400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

1688 - 1802
1688_africa_map_original.jpg 1802_Africa.jpg

4, 5, 6. South America, Australia and Antarctica: Anything could be under the ice in Antarctica. Australia and South America I have not looked into yet.
Ah yes, the old start forts. I did a little bit of digging on these structures and i found a few things. Polygonal forts (i prefer to call them polygonal because many of them are not star-shaped, but more like irregular multi-polygons) do seem to appear all over the world and are definitely from the last cycle because many of them exibit flood damage in the form of rivers and lakes passing right through them, many of them are buried under a thick layer of dirt and/or have dirt deposits all over them. When the global flood cataclysm wiped away much of the northern hemisphere some 200-300 years ago, it also wiped out or buried many of these old polygonal forts.
My hypothesis is that they were not used as defensive forts in any way (the cannons were simply placed there by the disinformation system) but instead they were water purification stations. Here are a few reasons for my hypothesis: they are always placed near large rivers or bodies of water; they always have a moat around the main walls (many moats have been damaged or filled in by mud and sand deposits); most walls have no defensive windows which points to a more technical usage; they are always placed near or around large towns; they bare similarities to known water purification stations called "castles of water"; they have large circular slots that may have housed large industrial devices.

Perhaps they used a sophisticated ground frequency and other devices to purify the water they extracted from the nearby water source before pumping the water to the nearby town. One of the reason they are not quite so wide spread and appear mostly in Europe and North America is probably because that civilization invented a newer more practical system for water purification.
A possibility of why there are none in the north of Asia and north of Canada is because that is where the tidal wave hit the worst. Many of these forts and their towns have been buried in sand or completely wiped off the map during the cataclysm. If we look at old maps we will see that all of Siberia and Asia were populated with large cities. Now there are just many lakes and mud/sand deposits.
Whatever they used to be, they are beautiful and i would love to visit some of them during my lifetime.

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