Tartarians or Hungarians?


So... how hard would it be to hide Tartary from future generations? Could it be as easy as providing images with "proper" descriptions, and doctoring the narrative in the process?
  • The below image is from here. It is dated with circa 1897.
  • Presented events are dated with July 11th, 1848.
  • This is allegedly a depiction of some Hungarian gentlemen... requesting 200,000 soldiers... from who?
  • Could we be witnessing one of the last Tartarian strongholds, or some sort of political negotiations with Tartarians.


Here is another example. Here we have Napoleon and Alexander I negotiating with who exactly? Tartars?
Pierre-Nolasco Bergeret - Alexandre Ier présente à Napoléon Ier les Kalmouks, les Cosaques et ...jpg