The Siberian Hoax: Sculpture of a Fallen Angel...

Officially, it's a hoax. I'm at like 60/40 on this, with 60 being a hoax. We are being told that this sculpture was just lying around for years, and two dudes simply used it to create a TikTok video. The sculpture was allegedly excavated by miners at a location 340 kilometers away from the Russian town of Zeya in Amur Oblast.


Then, the officials came up with a different story, where this sculpture ended up being a result of some mine employee's hobby.

This definitely could be a hoax, but I am not 100% convinced. If this is indeed a sculpture, the skill required to produce it would be rather serious.


I could see an explanation where they took some guy with gloves on, gave him a sword and a shield, attached some wings looking things, covered him with some burlap, and sprinkled some dirt over... Yet, if this is indeed a sculpture made of stone...

Here are some comments from an article on a Russian news site. I'm too lazy to correct the Google Translate service, so posting as it got translated.
  • Most likely this is a real find, perhaps even discovered earlier. And now the administration of the mine is coming up with versions to avoid closing the mine for archaeological activities on its territory. The find is no more mythical than a self-taught sculptor!
  • For such a statue to just be lying around somewhere and no one paid attention to it?! Yes, this cannot be! Not a single believer would pass quietly by. Someone just needs to hush up this situation. Why ?
  • It can be seen that the sculpture was created by the hand of a real master. all anatomical proportions are so respected, the angle of the wings, the volume. The eye of the artist and the hand of the master can create such a sculpture. The folds of the hood and the cloak itself are very natural. This garment is not draped over the top, as we can see on many contemporary sculptures. We feel the texture of the heavy fabric of the cloak. Hidden face under the hood as if alive. There is some history behind this.
  • Yes, yes, yes, a fake statue, ownerless, made by Uncle Vanya drunk for fun, WHAT ELSE DO YOU OFFER FOR THE GOYIM ON THE SHOVEL? Anyone who spreads lies about the "fakeness" of this artifact can only wish a "fake" curse that conjures all their relatives and friends, but not in one knee. At the present time, it is impossible to live, as before, in an endless vile lie, and everyone who has not yet understood this voluntarily chooses their speedy tour to the kingdom of Hades with bathing events in hell.
Finally, this is the video that produced the controversy.

KD: Any opinions? Hoax or a cover up?
Maybe a sort of hoax in keeping with the strangeness of the desert sculpture in the US, but not a pointless hoax.
About a month or two after the first lockdown (ah nostalgia) it all appeared to be a spiritual operation. I remember being online with you guys actually, we were stuck in an air b'n'b.

Anyway I bought Julius Evola's 'Hermetic Tradition' and had my eyes opened in a big way.
I found a guy who knew about esoteric/metaphysic stuff but he was really a hardcore Catholic, which was awkward at times but still incredibly valuable. I also started listening to Bill Donahue from Fork and River to try and understand a trippy thing that happened in 2022. Everywhere, in every way they are trying to push us towards the spiritual world again- in my opinion- because we've drifted so far from it.
Enforced meditation (lockdown) for example. This seems like another example.

I drove to the supermarket less than a week ago and turned on mainstream radio (Virgin)- I don't really listen to mainstream anything. The first song was called 'Watch another angel die', and was immediately followed by 'Don't fear the reaper' by BOC (freaking awesome song from ages ago. Louder is better).
Anyway, they seemed to be saying, 'Watch us kill the innocent, but don't fear death.'


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