WW2: what was the enemy?

Just ran into a couple photographs of this WW2 commemorative limestone wall which used to be located in the Russian city of Tyumen. It was destroyed, and replaced with a beutiful, but non controversial bronze wall.

Why do we have a reptilian on a WW2 monument?


You know dear Korben, the art of projection maybe, like Chameleon.
This is just a fascinating mismash of mythological concepts. Someone smarter and more researched than myself could probably make some sense out of this. The lady seems like some sort of Isis/Medusa hybrid, the return of the demonized feminine. The reptile, who appears to be reaching towards the sun, seems like an Icarus analogue, complete with seemingly artificial wings. Some Osiris being murdered vibes too (Osiris is generally portrayed as green, not unlike a lizard), but Isis is supposed to avenge his death (and resurrect him enough to birth Hours), not be his killer.

This is where I wish I was better with astrology, because maybe this is some sort of alternative reading of a star chart.