Ancient Deforestation and Babylon. Tartaria Exposed.

We cover the recent deforestation of Ireland and Britain and the effect that this had on magic. The trees inspired us in many ways through spirit, music, and wisdom. This music developed into a magical language that allowed the user to obtain a magical consciousness. The language allowed for powerful magi to affect the material realm in ways that aren't fully possible now. An ancient peoples spread this knowledge of language, music, and spirituality around the world leading to the commonly known story of Babylon. The prime example for the intellect. This all changed after a psychic cataclysmic event that resulted in the confusion of languages.
The elite Hebrew priests knew the power that words contained so the ancient Phoenicians edited this ancient magical language and began suppressing the knowledge of magic. Our words have become out of tune, out of alignment and now more then ever we need to reconnect with our higher faculties. We must break away from the constrictions of modern language and strive to develop our inner being.
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