Boston Fire of 1872. South Side of Milk Street

South Side of Milk Street - Looking Toward Washington
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I'd love someone to explain to me in what world is a large group posing in front of a disaster area considered appropriate. "Turn around everyone, let's take one in front of the smoking pile of rubble!" I mean, what's the purpose of this photo? To survey the damage? A field trip?

Also, there's something odd about that building behind the group, heading to the right. The windows appear to be blasted out directly behind them, but as you head further right, it sort of looks like maybe they're filled in instead. Also, looking at the top of that building, follow the last "stack" on the roof straight down... there's a division in the color of the building which follows perfectly if you were to draw a line from the "stack." Just seems strange, almost like the pictures been composited together (the background building anyway, the division stops at the ground).
Wouldn't we want to know what the true mechanism of destruction was? I, honestly, have very serious doubts that we will ever find out. I have not seen a glimpse of the perceived truth yet.

It's like those who lived through (assuming there were survivors) really thought it was a fire. Kinda similar to Paradise, California, I guess...