Faculty and Students of Rush Medical College in the ruins of the college. 1871

At the time of the Great Chicago Fire, October 1871, Rush Medical College stood at Grand Avenue and Indiana Street (now Grand and Dearborn.) The Rush Medical College building was destroyed completely in the Great Chicago Fire. Students had just completed their first week of courses the Friday before the Fire. After the Fire, Rush Medical College relocated to the West Side of Chicago to be near Cook County Hospital, which had just moved to Harrison and Wood Streets. Rush opened a new building on the northeast corner of the intersection in 1875. Today’s Rush University Medical Center campus still borders Wood Street and spreads east.
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Never mind the sole hidden hand sort of guy. There are lots of weirdness in that photograph.

Weird beards.

A hand seemingly missing a body.

Weird hands.

Twins. One above the other mid ground.

A pair of giants? Cannot miss them.

Would someone needed the use of a stick climb a ruined wall for a photo opportunity? 1st man top left.

What is this chap leaning against. 3rd man top left.
Well seems my screen shotting was a waste of effort as I didn't know these boxes didn't allow image uploading oh well. You will have to seek them out in the image for yourself.