Fake History - Photoshopped California State Capitol Construction

Ever feel like the history you’ve been told is other than the truth?

That feeling is what I was following when I dove headfirst down the rabbit hole of the history of California’s state Capitol building.
Taking a few tours of the interior, I was awestruck by the architectural design of a building that was supposedly built in the late 1800s.

Even more interesting were the little ‘touches’ added to the decor that pointed to the possibility of the building being usurped, found and assumed ownership of, by the same secret society responsible for most of the fake history that researchers are uncovering around the world today.

The buildings history is much older than the California Government would EVER want you to know. Since revealing the truth about that would require the truth to be revealed about those that were here before us, something I’m pretty sure they never plan to share with us, we are probably on our own if we hope to uncover the truth.
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