Foundlings and the Orphan Train

Looking at the epidemic of orphaned children in the 19th century and how they may be the key to understanding how people were reintroduced into the cities.
So these old photographs of old world cities around early 1800 show the streets empty all over the world. Empty streets are extremely fascinating and begs the question "where did everybody go". Was it a natural disaster or manmade disaster like a pandemic. We know the controllers created a false narrative of history before this event and then repopulated the earth with young children. As children they were indoctrinated by propaganda and then 30 years later the same cities are full of people. Where the children came from are orphan trains. There were infant incubators. Were there underground genetics repopulation operations afoot? The previous populations had advanced free energy cities with starforts with populations in the maybe billions, where did they disappear to; were there bodies or skeletons found? If no remains then this is truly weird. This was the last reset and it seems the controllers are planning a new one. Are the controllers planning on killing us with self assembling pandemic nanobots? Interesting that the nanotech can be injected in a vaccine and assembled in hexagantal crystals inside the body and controlled externally by magnets or 5g. The high orphan numbers of the narrative are too high. Something else was going on. Was a pandemic used for the last reset? Does a reset happen when the population starts to wake up to the agenda of the world order and then they kill everyone and start over with infants?