Giant caught on film in 1901

I am not sure this is not a fake. What do you think?

Video Credit: Electric Edwardians - The Films of Mitchell & Kenyon
I've seen it before, it doesn't look fake, per se, but Mitchell & Kenyon are a pretty dubious source in my opinion. They supposedly start as a company that is offering real, "slice of life" films but then move into war dramatization:
Fictionalised scenes from the South African war and the Boxer Rebellion were filmed in the countryside around Blackburn. These are described as fakes, but the audiences may well have accepted them as dramatic re-enactments. Screenings were enlivened by smoke bombs and guns being fired.

And the larger problem:
They were originally best known for minor contributions to early fictional narrative film and Boer War dramatisation films, but the discovery in 1994 of a hoard of film negatives led to restoration of the Mitchell & Kenyon Collection, the largest surviving collection of early non-fiction actuality films in the world. ...

In 1994 during demolition work in what had been Mercers toy shop in Northgate, Blackburn, two workmen were clearing out the basement when they found three metal drums like milk churns, and looked inside to see hundreds of small spools of film. On their way to the Lethbridges Scrap Metal Processors was Magic Moments Video which did cine to video transfers, and the workmen dragged in a churn and asked the proprietor, Nigel Garth Gregory, if the films were of any value...
Just a minor breach in chain of custody, folks. Don't worry though, they're legit! Forgotten film easily lasts 80 years in a metal drum!