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    Hypothesis: Mutiny in the Sky or a Short History of the World

    Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, who is closely associated with the "Council of Nine": The Council of Nine - A Perspective on "Briefings from Deep Space" This channeling sort of set the stage for the extension of the "New Age" movement in the second half of the 20th century and other...
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    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    I haven't seen this video you posted, but I am subbed to the moon guy: Vibes of Cosmos It's an interesting concept, and there's lots of videos detailing how this would work with regards to the sun, seasons, etc. But like the "earth is a crater on the moon" speculations, I have no idea how...
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    The Biblical Moses is primarily based on the figure of conquistador Fernando Cortés

    Just wanted to quickly thank you both! I sometimes worry that I'm coming off as combative, so I'm very pleased that the requests for further information were taken in the spirit I intended them. Now, I have a lot of reading to do before I can comment any more specifically, which is honestly...
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    The Biblical Moses is primarily based on the figure of conquistador Fernando Cortés

    If you were willing, that sounds good to me because I have a lot of questions. Not the least of which is, why do we think that the Biblical account of Exodus is necessarily accurate in the first place? Heresy, I know, but it does strike me as another potential explanation for why no...
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    The Biblical Moses is primarily based on the figure of conquistador Fernando Cortés

    Heh, well, that's a fairly harsh assessment. To be clear, I was just mentioning his conclusions, not endorsing them. There are clear limits to what his methodology can reveal and I suspect like most people, he's probably overly in love with his pet theories. On the other hand though...
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    Poll | UFO pilots - who and what are they?

    One of the most complicated topics of all time. I'm relatively certain of is that some of the UFO phenomenon is man-made, most likely classified military technology. Gordon White made a great comparison a few years back... what would the average person in the mid-1960s, think of the SR-71, which...
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    TV Show | Sweet Tooth

    Wanted to just add about this too. I really don't think this is a "soft disclosure" situation... this TV series is based on a fairly recent comic written by, as near as I can tell, just some Canadian guy. So I'm fairly confident saying that the concept here is just a matter of artistic...
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    TV Show | Sweet Tooth

    So, now if we can figure out who or what the God of Genesis and the Nephilim were, maybe we'd be onto something! I think it's worth noting that all of these (hybrids, floods, etc) could all be discrete events without a causal relationship. If a worldwide civilization suffered a cataclysm after...
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    TV Show | Sweet Tooth

    Which reminds me of, as Chris Knowles put it, the "transgenic anthem" E.T. by Katy Perry: Near the end, Katy reveals her deer-like legs. And of course, the song is about aliens, which is also becoming more topical by the day. Just take a quick read through this and see what dots you can...
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    The Biblical Moses is primarily based on the figure of conquistador Fernando Cortés

    I love digging into the Bible this way. The most popular book of all-time seems to have a severe lacking of critical analysis. Either it's outright dismissed or viewed through a dogmatic religious lens, which relies more on tradition and debatable interpretations from "authorities." Actually...
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    Triumphal Arches, aka Ianuae Magicae: bridge portals between places, or regular structures?

    And although I think it's fun to speculate on these gates being literal portals to lands beyond, I think Right Arm's suggestion could be a lot more complicated and using principles that we don't fully understand in the modern era. The gate setting the tone for the community, in far more than a...
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    1855: Vortex Cannons during the Bombardment of Sveaborg?

    I think since we just have static depictions, it doesn't mean that these indicate they were firing at (things in) the sky. It could just be showing the path that the projectiles (physical or otherwise) are taking before hitting a ground/water based target. Or, like the article on Moorsom's...
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    Comment by 'Banta' in media 'Boston Fire of 1872. The Corner of Perkins and Pearl Streets'

    All these photos are great, KD. If really confusing. We got the group pose again, plus another numbered rock (number 9 this time). What really stands out here though is behind them, the rock column with the names (which the engravings seem era appropriate). Assuming they were the tenants of the...
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    Comment by 'Banta' in media 'Boston Fire of 1872. South Side of Milk Street'

    I'd love someone to explain to me in what world is a large group posing in front of a disaster area considered appropriate. "Turn around everyone, let's take one in front of the smoking pile of rubble!" I mean, what's the purpose of this photo? To survey the damage? A field trip? Also, there's...
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    Comment by 'Banta' in media 'Boston Fire of 1872. Federal Street'

    A twofer special here: 33 and a hidden hand!