1. Thomas J Maslen’s map of Australia

    Thomas J Maslen’s map of Australia

    This map accompanies Thomas J Maslen’s The Friend of Australia (1830), a work of pure theory in which the English writer suggests that there could be a wealth of river and fertile paradise lying hidden in the heart of Australia. The centrepiece of this colonial fantasy is a great lake the size...
  2. Mud Flood in Perth Australia

    Mud Flood in Perth Australia

    More evidence of a mud flood in Perth Australia. The evidence is mounting that there was a worldwide civilization based on the similar architecture found all over the earth. Now these buildings are being systematically destroyed to hide our true history.
  3. Mud Flood Sculpture in Melbourne Australia

    Mud Flood Sculpture in Melbourne Australia

    I found a mud flood sculpture in Melbourne, Australia in front of the Victorian State Library. Is someone trying to tell us something?
  4. Tartarian Melbourne Mud Flooded

    Tartarian Melbourne Mud Flooded

    Oi! I'm back with an important Martin message concerning more hacking issues & With a post on Mud Flooded Melbourne Australia & a look a very creepy video looking at family stories of the Pashtigo fires 1871. Were Energy Weapons to blame?
  5. Sydney Mud Flood Paddington Gardens

    Sydney Mud Flood Paddington Gardens

    Was there a mud flood in Sydney Australia? In this video I'll show you Paddington Gardens which is a sunken building we are told started as a water reservoir. Who builds sunken water reservoirs with brick walls, arches and curved brick ceilings?
  6. History Reset  Mud Flood in Fremantle Australia

    History Reset Mud Flood in Fremantle Australia

    Was There a History Reset Caused by a Mud Flood? Here is Some Footage From Fremantle Australia The architecture in Fremantle looks strangely like architecture found all over the world and there is no plausible explanation of where all the stone and brick came from, how it was quarried and...
  7. KorbenDallas

    The Secret Tunnels of Sydney, Australia

    Well, we have at least two interesting tunnels to mention. It's not surprising any longer that these "secret" (for us) tunnels keep on popping up here and there. The thing which makes me wonder is the moment when broad masses start putting 2 and 2 together. Though in this particular case, these...
  8. KorbenDallas

    1855-59 Australia: University of Sydney, Great Hall Construction

    1870: Sydney University Main Building and Great Hall from City Road entrance. In 1854, Edmund Thomas Blacket began designing the University’s Great Hall. The original colonial architect, Blacket’s design was intended to mirror the Tudor Gothic style seen in the London Guildhall, the Banqueting...
  9. KorbenDallas

    Continent of Australia does not exist... as we know it

    This is officially the most coo coo jumbo-crazy thing I have written to date. If anything, it is going to be an entertaining piece of reading for you. I am planning to question the geographical accuracy of the layout of the continent of Australia. I do understand how bananas it sounds, for I...