1. The Great Toronto Fire of 1904.

    The Great Toronto Fire of 1904.

    The Great Fire of Toronto of 1904 destroyed a large section of Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 19, 1904. It was the second such fire for the city in its history. The fire claimed one victim, John Croft, who was an explosive expert clearing the ruins from the fire. The fire was first...
  2. Circa 1901. St. James Street, Montreal, Quebec.

    Circa 1901. St. James Street, Montreal, Quebec.

    Circa 1901. St. James Street, Montreal, Quebec.
  3. Lost Canadian History

    Lost Canadian History

    In this video, Lost Canadian History, we will explore the cities of Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John, New Brunswick. I first saw these towns on Flat Earth British. The pics had written above them “Greenland” and very excited I quickly began researching. I eventually discovered they were in...
  4. KorbenDallas

    What happened to Fort York in Manitoba, Canada?

    Some things are just straight up interesting. Let's start with the so-called Port Nelson in Manitoba, Canada. Its peak population in the early 20th century was about 1,000 people but today it is a ghost town. Map Port Nelson is on Hudson Bay at the mouth of the Nelson River. Port Nelson...
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    Ancient Greek Juan de Fuca - who was he?

    To fully understand the below content, the following articles should be taken into consideration: Bizarre transformation of the North American Continent: 16th through 19th centuries 1770s: Seattle, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Lake Washington and Underwater Forests The PTB History Fabrication Tools...
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    Yukon Dempster Highway: exists or not?

    The Dempster Highway, also referred to as Yukon Highway 5 and Northwest Territories Highway 8, is a highway in Canada that connects the Klondike Highway in Yukon to Inuvik, Northwest Territories on the Mackenzie River delta. The highway crosses the Peel River and the Mackenzie Rivers using a...
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    Victoria, BC or BS: real history buried in 20 feet of dirt

    This little article is a living testament that once you have seen it once, you are simply unable to unsee it. I just got back from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Went there with my wife to simply spend some time away from home, and to enjoy Canada Day in Canada. It took us about 30 seconds...
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    Abandoned 1856 Toronto almost ready for re-population...

    The City of Toronto in either late 1856 or early 1857. The last five photographs are 1865-ish. The photographs reproduced from copy negatives are some of the earliest photographic views of Toronto. The 1856 Toronto portfolio also contains 13 views taken from the top of the Rossin House Hotel at...