1. KorbenDallas

    1900: Power Plant in Dresden

    If the PTB suggested that it was a church or a mosque, I would have been like... what a cool piece of architecture. Those church builders were real skilled, and where is that construction infrastructure they are hiding from us? But they claim it was a Dresden power plant, and the history of...
  2. KorbenDallas

    1911: International Hygiene Exhibition in Dresden

    At this rate I will never get down to what I really want to write about. But some things simply stop you dead in your tracks. Well, at least this is what this hygiene Expo did to my original plans. I just find events of this nature highly ridiculous when viewed in light of the time frame they...
  3. KorbenDallas

    What weapon was used to bomb WW2 Dresden?

    It appears we are being lied to again, and the proof of the lies is in the trees. The bombing and the resulting firestorm destroyed over 1,600 acres of the city centre. The bombing of Dresden was a British/American aerial bombing attack on the city of Dresden, the capital of the German state...