1. KorbenDallas

    Giants: Sons of the Gods

    Goliath. You know the story. But why is it in the Bible? Is it just to give us a little moral pick-me-up as we seek to emulate a small shepherd boy who defeated a giant? Have you ever wondered where Goliath came from? Did you know he had brothers, one with 24 fingers and toes? Did you know their...
  2. KorbenDallas

    The Three Books of Enoch and the Book of Giants

    This book includes: 1 Enoch. The Ethiopic Book of Enoch; 2 Enoch. The Slavonic Book of the Secrets of Enoch; 3 Enoch. The Hebrew Book of Enoch; Versions of the Book of Giants. The 1st Book of Enoch, the Ethiopic Book of Enoch, or 1 Enoch is more known as simply the Book of Enoch. Although...