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  1. False Historical Narrative

    False Historical Narrative

    In this little video, False Historical Narrative, we will explore the possibility that the reset and the next wave of civilizations could have occurred as little as 100 years ago. As a case study we will examine a film and a photograph of San Francisco that depicts the complete buildout followed...
  2. Castles & Ruins in North America

    Castles & Ruins in North America

    A close look and comparison between castles and ruins in North America, and some in Europe.
  3. Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 2.

    Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 2.

    Ancient Civilizations of North America Part 2 will explore both North America and Egypt in some very mysterious sites that may have never been explored. I did not crop out the coordinates so you may return on your own either on google earth or in person.
  4. Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 1.

    Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 1.

    This video is about ancient civilization in North America. I also touch on why the southwest region of North America may be called Death Valley. We will also touch on the link between Nevada and Peru.
  5. KorbenDallas

    Bizarre transformation of the North American Continent: 16th through 19th centuries

    There are many similar definitions of what a map is. This is just one of those, "A description of the earth, or some particular part thereof, projected upon a plain superficies; describing the form of countries, rivers, situation of cities, hills, woods, and other remarks." Single maps are often...
  6. KorbenDallas

    16th century Tartarian King Tartarrax ruled Quivira Regnum in North America

    Tartar Rex? Came up on some fun info pertaining to the North American continent, and its possible relation to Tartary. Here is what we have. Francisco Vázquez de Coronado was a Spanish conquistador and explorer who led a large expedition from Mexico to present-day Kansas through parts of the...