1. KorbenDallas

    1888-92 Obelisk: Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis, Indiana

    That's pretty monumental - 285 feet tall. Some interesting construction info is here. Apparently they started building it in 1888. The obelisk was completed by 1892, and the entire thing by 1901. This thing just does not look like we would do something like that. IMO. It was designed by German...
  2. KorbenDallas

    Obelisks Plus: Cleopatra's Needle. Journey to London.

    NOTE: Even with the technology available in 2005, when Italy agreed to repatriate the Obelisk of Axum, it had to be cut into three pieces and flown in three trips to Ethiopia. The obelisk only weighed 160 tonnes. Axum Obelisk Reinstall In ancient Rome, the transportation of obelisks was not...
  3. KorbenDallas

    Obelisks of Axum: cargo cult or mockup city skyscrapers?

    Per the PTB: The Obelisk of Axum is a 4th-century AD, 24-metre-tall (79-feet) obelisk, weighing 160 tonnes, in the city of Axum in Ethiopia. The obelisk ends in a semi-circular top part, which used to be enclosed by metal frames. Obelisk of Axum The Obelisk of Axum is intricately carved to...