1. Judgment of Paris

    Judgment of Paris

    Lucas Cranach the Elder became a celebrated court painter for the electors of Saxony in Wittenberg. Among the most popular mythological scenes produced by him and his workshop for his courtly patrons were those featuring Venus, in particular the Judgment of Paris. Painted about 1528, this...
  2. KorbenDallas

    Catacombs of Paris, Mud Flood Victims and Unidentified Dead. Reset?

    INFO There are currently seven billion people alive today and the Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 107 billion people have ever lived. This means that we are nowhere close to having more alive than dead. In fact, there are 15 dead people for every person living. This is one of...
  3. KorbenDallas

    1864: Construction of the Palais Garnier and Cannons

    We have a good enough quality of an image (1864 allegedly) to allow for some scrutinizing. Below is the construction site of the future Palais Garnier. Make sure you checkout this beauty, especially inside. The photograph is taken in the direction of the north, towards the stage and the...
  4. KorbenDallas

    16th century Paris: Size vs. Population

    In our today's world Manila leads the way in population density with 107,561 people per square mile. I was looking for something unrelated and came up on the population of the city of Paris in the 16th century. Wikipedia states: Paris was the largest city in Europe, with a population of about...
  5. KorbenDallas

    1870: Franco-Prussian War. Missing Combat Photographs.

    Here is another 19th century photographic absentee. How historians were getting away with things like this is hard to understand. May be scrutinizing the absence of the photographic evidence was not really a thing, but I have hard time believing that we are the first ones to notice the lack of...