1. Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 1.

    Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 1.

    This video is about ancient civilization in North America. I also touch on why the southwest region of North America may be called Death Valley. We will also touch on the link between Nevada and Peru.
  2. KorbenDallas

    Funerary Chullpa Towers and the Aymara People

    This is just a tribute to some fascinating craftsmanship, for I doubt we will ever be allowed to know who built these structures. Perhaps, it's not the craftsmanship itself, or the stone working technique used, that can't cease to amaze me. It's the fact that we do not remember this technique...
  3. KorbenDallas

    1850s Peru, Lima, Panama structures by Ephraim George Squier

    Came across an interesting book published by Harper & Brothers in New York in 1877. It is titled - Peru. Incidents of travel and exploration in the land of the Incas, and was authored by Ephraim George Squier. The book contains some fairly interesting images of various structures observed by the...