1. KorbenDallas

    Funerary Chullpa Towers and the Aymara People

    This is just a tribute to some fascinating craftsmanship, for I doubt we will ever be allowed to know who built these structures. Perhaps, it's not the craftsmanship itself, or the stone working technique used, that can't cease to amaze me. It's the fact that we do not remember this technique...
  2. KorbenDallas

    The Old Testament was created in the 15th Century

    This one is really a no-brainer. When Pliny the Elder dies during the Pompeii event, things do shine in a different light. In the case of the Old Testament we simply need to follow the technology. What technological achievements do we have in there? These two: The Noah's Ark The Tower of Babel...
  3. KorbenDallas

    Towers of Bologna: the skyscrapers of the 12th century?

    Another interesting medieval story comes from the Italian city of Bologna. Apparently 800-900 years ago the citizens of Bologna enjoyed building tall towers. Between the 12th and the 13th century, the number of towers in the city was very high, possibly up to 180. The reasons for the...