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Do they seem like giants to you? The proportions seem off to me, I wish there were something to compare them to in this pic. Or a pic of the clothing in the hands of regular sized people?
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It's hard to say with nothing of known size to compare to. Look normal to me, but who knows?
I will post tons of intriguing stuff which I compiled over the years, and want to share them properly with sources, instead of random posts using merely my memory
But it will take a few months to dump it here (literally posting this message just to prove I am not a bot and have to wait years again to register), so please don't delete this account, I wish to keep my privacy. (Post is not from my IP)
No google captcha this time, finally!

I tried to make an account years ago (literally). I am surprised this site is still up, given the... controversial subjects discussed in here.
Any links to books that would give me a clue about what happened in SE China/Taiwan in 1640s or so - the emergence of the Qing? @Mabzynn once posted links from a book and reading it, I learned more about what really went on than in decades of "copy and paste" historical reading. I really should open up to this area more seriously. I've avoided it since I left the academy ten years ago.
These were a few interesting days at work. That's what happens when the infrastructure is not really built to handle some occasional snow.