1,700 year old Roman Egg. Discovered in UK.

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  • The only complete chicken's egg from Roman Britain is a "genuinely unique discovery", according to an expert.

Archaeologists in Britain discovered a basket of 1,700-year-old eggs from Ancient Rome - and accidentally broke three of them, releasing the "world's oldest stinkbombs," SWNS reports.

1,700 year old egg.jpg

According to a press release, the eggs were among a trove of rare items recovered from a waterlogged pit in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The gaping hole preserved organic items that would have otherwise deteriorated in the soil, including a rare wooden basket, leather shoes, and wooden vessels and tools.
  • Three of the four eggs were intact upon discovery, but two cracked during retrieval, releasing a pungent rotten egg smell. One of the fragile vessels emerged from the pit intact and is now being hailed as the only complete Roman egg ever found in Britain.
  • The eggs may have been carried within a funerary procession,” says Biddulph. “The procession stopped at the pit, where a religious ceremony took place and the food offerings were cast into the pit for the spirits of the underworld or in the hope of rebirth.”
  • For now, the British egg is safely enconsced in an acid-free tissue paper-lined box housed at Oxford Archaeology’s headquarters. It will soon go on view at the local Buckinghamshire County Museum.


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