Book | 1842: The Murder Den, and Its Means of Destruction. Population Thinning

Was watching The Thinning movie, and plugged "population thinning" into Google Ngram. Ended up with the below text, which I'm not sure what to make of.

marcus's book_12.jpg

Some 1840 British politician voices his opinion on the doctrine titled "Malthus's and Marcus's Doctrine." I am not sure we can obtain the actual text of the doctrine, but the below information should be sufficient to give you an idea.

Besides the obviously disturbing contents, I found two strange things:
  • What over-population are they talking about, and why?
    • The 1840s population of the entire Great Britain was somewhere between 20 and 25 mln people .
  • The word "printer," according to this etymology website originated in 1856. How come it's being used in this 1842 book?
The Source:
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KD: Any thoughts?
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