1896: Tower Crane with Operator Cabin

Help me out here please, if you can. I'm trying to figure out when the below type of crane was officially invented, and used. My findings do not match the official version. I am probably looking in the wrong places, so I need some assistance figuring this out

The photograph pertains to 1894-1897.

From humble beginnings as an iron foundry in 1854, the pioneers at WOLFFKRAN introduced the first tower crane ever in 1913.

KD: In general it appears we have something weird going on with these tower cranes. The official date of the invention of this type of crane is listed as 1910-1913. May be the crane above is not considered to be a tower crane, I don't know. It sure does look like one.
Some interesting information on tower cranes. majumuda.com According to this source, the technology supposedly came to the US from Europe in the late 19th century.

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