1906 Earthquake: Train Derailed by a Quake

Some of us have seen this photograph before. The train ended up on its side due to the famous 1906 earthquake. The one that destroyed SF.


The 1907 account reads:
  • At Point Reyes Station at the head of Tomales Bay the 5:15 train for San Francisco was just ready.
  • The conductor had just swung himself on when the train gave a great lurch to the east, followed by another to the west, which threw the whole train on its side.
  • The astonished conductor dropped off as it went over, and at the sight of the falling chimneys and breaking windows of the station, he understood that it was the Temblor.
  • The fireman turned to jump from the engine to the west when the return shock came.
  • He then leaped to the east and borrowing a Kodak he took a picture of the train here presented.

KD: What do you think? Could an earthquake do this?

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