Hohokam Indians and their Water Canals

The reason Phoenix can exist in the middle of the desert is because in 1868 Jack Swilling discovered the ruins of a 27,000 sq mi canal system built by the Hohokam. He restarted the canals and today that infrastructure, with modern expansions, waters the city of over a million in the hot desert.

I am not sure that there were 27,000 sq mi of canals, for canals probably do not get measured in square miles. The Norther Arizona University provided the following info:
  • In A.D. 1450, when they abandoned the area for reasons unknown, they left behind an incredible wealth of ruins, rock art, and canals—sites and artifacts distributed over 27,000 square miles
Jack Swilling (1830-1878)

Jack Swilling in his only known
photograph, date unknown.


Casa Grande, AZ

Hohokam culture, prehistoric North American Indians who lived approximately from 200 to 1400 ce in the semiarid region of present-day central and southern Arizona, largely along the Gila and Salt rivers. The term Hohokam is said to be Pima for “those who have vanished.”

KD: I knew nothing about these canals. I've heard about the Casa Grande in Arizona, but not about the canals. Those "ancients" were truly amazing, and I figured this would be an interesting info to share. Not sure what it gives us though.
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