Similar style buildings are all over the world. Were they built by our civilization?

For the most part we are very much used to seeing these buildings here and there. If it's a city or town with some history under its belt, it will have one or two of the below structures; some will have more. They all look beautiful, with elaborate details and elegant precision. Some of these buildings have individuality, and some look similar to "that other building in Europe." And Europe is where, supposedly, these architectural styles were born. At least that's what we were taught to think. This is our conventional wisdom ingrained into our understanding of this world. There were tons of different names created to describe these buildings: Ancient Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, and etc. For the full list of those styles Wikipedia is your destination. But there is one thing in common between all those buildings, and normally it sounds like this, "They do not build like this any more." And "they" do not.

Of course, some of our construction companies are capable of building such detailed structures. Renovation and restoration orders have to be fulfilled, after all. But cost effectiveness is probably the key here. This is a very reasonable, and prone to our understanding explanation. Especially when you consider that some of the floor plans included 13-16 foot ceilings, and similar size doors.

Seeing these old buildings we rarely think about architectural work put into designing them. And obviously, there was no Computer-aided design programs back in the day. It was a drawing board, a pencil, and an eraser. We do not think about those builders of the old not having any building, and construction equipment of today. Granted, at some point, a railroad was introduced, and some of those buildings were constructed not far from a body of water. At the same time, quite a few were built with no luxury of railroads and ports. Do we wonder who made thousands of windows in the 18th (17th, 19th) century, or where mountains of bricks (block shaped stones) came from. Where roofing materials came from, or who sculptured those stairwell posts making them 100% identical? Wondering observer might spend a moment thinking about all those things. Most people will not not.

After all, who cares? These buildings exist, meaning that someone was able to build them. Indoctrinated science does not find anything strange there. Why should you? It does not matter whether we have a single clue how it was done, and what infrastructure supported the process. Seeing that "around the corner" apartment complex, or a freeway "flyover" being built for two-three years straight is normal for us. Yet we never wonder how those, way less educated, and equipped individuals, were able to build hundreds of multistory brick, and stone buildings in a blink of an eye. "Construction boom" was the name.

And last but not least are the so called human resources. Below is an example list of the construction related positions of today. Clearly not all of those positions were required back in the day. At the same time this list does not represent all the positions required to build a complex structure. This is just to get the point across.
  • Apprentice
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Building Inspector
  • Carpenter
  • Civil Engineer
  • Concrete Laborers
  • Construction Assistant
  • Construction Coordinator
  • Construction Engineer
  • Construction Foreman
  • Construction Manager
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Construction Worker
  • Contract Administrator
  • Contract Manager
  • Crane Operator
  • Dry Wall Finisher
  • Dry Wall Installer
  • Estimator
  • Electrician
  • Equipment Operator
  • Field Engineer
  • Framing Carpenter
  • General Laborer
  • Inspector
  • Iron Worker
  • Joiner
  • Laborer
  • Master Electrician
  • Master Plumber
  • Painter
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Planner
  • Plumber
  • Purchasing Coordinator
  • Project Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Roofer
  • Safety Director
  • Safety Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Signal Worker
  • Site Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Surveyor
  • Welder
In other words, it is impossible to build anything of that magnitude without infrastructure, and trained, skilled construction workers of various positions. The Europe clearly had a century, or two head start on the rest of the world. But the so-called Colonial Expansion produced such ridiculous amounts of these buildings, I struggle to find any conventional explanation. Tens of thousands of similar styles buildings popped up all over the world within a very short period of time. Very often in places where any thought of an appropriate infrastructure would be ludicrous. The Industrial Revolution did not fully kick in until 1830s-1840s, according to Eric Hobsbawm. Europe's Colonial Expansion (1820-1939) is being described as follows:
European countries began exploring and seeking to dominate the rest of the world during the 15th and 16th centuries, thanks to their ability to control sea routes and to the discovery of the American continent. In the 19th century, energized by the industrial revolution and under pressure from a rapidly growing population, Europe launched a new period of colonial expansion, inspired by the discovery of new markets, new areas for the settlement of Europe’s poor migrants, and the desire to " civilize the barbarian nations ".

One additional thing to consider is that the World Population in 1900 was 78% less than it is today, and I assume not everyone was a construction worker.

Most of the time, our opinion about the past is based on the books, and movies, and not on facts. For example the period of the Wild West in the USA was from 1865 - 1895. And this period probably looks like this for some.


Summary: Below, you will find similar architectural style buildings from many different countries of the world, and from all the continents (besides Antarctica.) All of these buildings are absolute masterpieces of architectural style, design, and implementation. History assigned architects for most of them, but you will not find any concrete proof of any sort of construction for approximately 99% of these buildings). Some of those buildings still exist today. The majority of them do not. A good portion was deliberately destroyed in so-called Urban Fires and Earthquakes. But all of those buildings appear to share the same architectural school.

I believe, as recently as 150-200 years ago there was one World Union with no countries. It was a civilization whose technical development was similar to that of ours. I am not saying that it was good or bad. I merely state that in the 19th century the entire world was fighting, while it would have to be building to get all the buildings and cities delivered. I do believe that current political system of the world conquered and destroyed the previous one. In the process billions of people were killed. These buildings we see all over the world are the remnants of that previous civilization. (I am still working on this concept. I believe something catastrophic happened twice: once in the 18th, and once in the 19 century. I also believe that the Timelines of World History, as well as the World History itself were intentionally altered. Meaning to the point where it is impossible to say what happened, when it happened and if it happened at all.)

Who was the coordinator?

Same Type Buildings
- from all over the world -

1. Japan
japan1.jpg japan2.jpg japan3.jpg japan7.jpg japan8.jpg japan9.jpg japan10.jpg japan11.jpg japan12.jpg japan13.jpg nagasaki_japan4.jpg nagasaki_japan5.jpg

2. Taiwan
taiwan1.jpg taiwan2.jpg taiwan3.jpg taiwan4.jpg taiwan5.jpg taiwan6.jpg

3. Argentina
Argentina.jpg Argentina1.jpg Argentina2.jpg Argentina4.jpg

4. Cuba
Cuba1.jpg Cuba2.jpg Cuba3.jpg Cuba4.jpg

5. Chile
chili.jpg chili1.jpg chili3.JPG chili4.JPG chili5.jpg chili6.JPG

6. Paraguay
paraguay.jpg paraguay1.jpg paraguay2.jpg paraguay3.jpg paraguay4.jpg

7. USA
USA.jpg USA_15.jpg USA1.jpg USA2.jpg USA3.jpg USA4.jpg USA5.jpg USA6.jpg USA7.jpg USA8.jpg USA9.jpg USA10.jpg USA11.jpg USA12.jpg USA13.jpg USA41.jpg

8. Russia
russia.jpg russia1.jpg russia2.jpg russia3.jpg russia4.jpg russia5.jpg russia6.jpg russia7.jpg russia8.jpg russia9.jpg russia10.jpg russia11.jpg

9. Iran
Iran.jpg Iran1.jpg Iran2.jpg Iran3.jpg

10. Poland

Poland.jpg Poland1.jpg Poland2.jpg Poland3.jpg

11. Vietnam
vietnam.jpg vietnam1.jpg vietnam2.jpg vietnam3.jpg

12. Pakistan
pakistan.jpg pakistan1.jpg

13. India
India.jpg India_calcutta.jpg India_x1.jpg India1.jpg India2.jpg India3.jpg India4.jpg India5.jpg India6.jpg India7.jpg

14. South Africa
SouthAfrica.jpg SouthAfrica1.jpg SouthAfrica2.jpg

15. Thailand
Thailand.jpg Thailand1.jpg Thailand2.jpg Thailand3.jpg Thailand4.jpg

16. Turkey
turkey.jpg turkey1.jpg turkey2.jpg turkey3.jpg turkey4.jpg turkey5.jpg

17. Sri Lanka
SriLanka.jpg SriLanka1.jpg SriLanka2.jpg SriLanka3.jpg SriLanka4.jpg

18. Germany
germany_1.jpg germany_2.jpg germany_3.jpg germany_4.jpg germany_5.jpg germany_6.gif germany_7.jpg germany_8.jpg germany_9.jpg germany_10.jpg germany_11.jpg germany_12.jpg

19. Ukraine
ukraine_1.jpg ukraine_2.jpg ukraine_3.jpg ukraine_4.jpg ukraine_5.JPG ukraine_6.jpg ukraine_7.jpg ukraine_8.jpg ukraine_9.jpg ukraine_10.jpg ukraine_11.jpg ukraine_12.jpg

20. China
China_1.jpg China_2.JPG China_3.jpg China_4.jpg China_5.jpg China_6.jpg China_7.jpg China_8.jpg China_9.jpg China_10.jpg China_11.jpg China_12.jpg

21. New Zealand
New_Zealand_1.jpg New_Zealand_2.jpg New_Zealand_3.jpg New_Zealand_4.jpg New_Zealand_5.JPG New_Zealand_6.jpg New_Zealand_7.jpg New_Zealand_8.jpg New_Zealand_9.jpg New_Zealand_10.jpg New_Zealand_11.jpg New_Zealand_12.jpg New_Zealand_13.jpg New_Zealand_14.jpg

22. Singapore
Singapore.jpg Singapore1.jpg Singapore2.jpg Singapore3.jpg Singapore4.JPG Singapore5.jpg

23. Sweden
Sweden1.jpg Sweden2.jpg Sweden3.jpg Sweden4.jpg Sweden5.jpg Sweden6.jpg Sweden7.jpg Sweden8.jpg Sweden9.jpg Sweden10.jpg

24. Indonesia
indonesia_1.jpg indonesia_2.jpg indonesia_3.jpg indonesia_4.jpg indonesia_5.jpg indonesia_6.JPG

25. Kenya
Kenya2.jpg Kenya3.jpg Kenya4.jpg Kenya5.jpg Kenya6.jpg Kenya7.jpg Kenya1.jpg

26. Egypt
egypt1.jpg egypt2.jpg egypt3.jpg egypt5.jpg egypt6.jpg egypt7.jpg egypt8.jpg egypt9.jpg

27. Brazil
Brazil1.jpg Brazil2.jpg Brazil3.jpg Brazil4.jpg Brazil5.jpg Brazil6.jpg Brazil7.jpg Brazil8.jpg Brazil9.jpg Brazil10.jpg Brazil11.jpg Brazil12.jpg

28. Australia
australia1.jpg australia2.jpg australia3.jpg australia4.jpg australia5.jpg australia6.jpg australia7.png

29. Canada
canada1.jpg canada2.jpg canada3.jpg canada4.jpg canada5.png canada6.jpg canada7.jpg canada8.jpg canada9.jpg canada10.jpg canada11.jpg canada12.jpg

30. Philippines
philippines1.jpg philippines2.jpg philippines3.jpg philippines4.jpg philippines5.jpg philippines6.jpg philippines7.jpg philippines8.jpg philippines9.jpg philippines10.jpg

This list could go on and on. It is obvious that these buildings are all over the world.
Makes me wonder about the true origins of Ancient Greece and Rome now.

Its dome made of concrete.
After my house renovation last year ( social rent) there is one thing I know for sure.
These people on the workfloor gave no shit, so the renovation is from really bad and cheap quality.
The narrative is: "slaves made this huge buildings, that's how it was done" but if these people who come to work here in 2020 on their own choice get paid etc. already delivers such shit, imagine what a mess thousands of slaves made of all these buildings.
Really, if I were a slave for these people, I would think of a plot with my co slaves that the building would collaps somehow, preferably with all those rich slaveholders in it.
Been watching a lot of Jon Levi's older videos trying to catch up on all his work. The impossible architecture is a very intriguing subject for me. Who (or WHAT) built these structures, why is the architecture so similar across the entire realm when supposedly different cultures and regions were unconnected. In the last two days, I have seen two different vids (Tiny People Giant Realm & Remembering the Old World) that blew me away once I got to the end of the 2nd video and the closing pic on the screen. I've included 5 screen shots here. The first two images are from a French magazine in 1901 showing a woman creating models of villages (second image is a close up of the models). Difficult to determine that these close-up images are actually of models and not actual structures. The 3rd and 4th image show drawings of Antoine Caron from the collection "Histoire de la reine Artemise," which is showing (possible) giants carrying either structures themselves or perhaps intricate models, such as were shown in the first two images. Where were they carrying these to? Perhaps to a location to set the scene for a village/city photo? Or actual structures being carried by Titans to re-set a city for an implanted population (a rather large stretch right there, I admit)? Both guesses are likely incorrect, at least in the scheme of the big picture but my intutition says that there's something there -- I can't put my finger on it. The last image is what really blew my mind. A casual inspection says Notre Dame surrounded by the city with color editing on the ND structure as well as a few others, however, when I paused the pic on the vid and stood up to the big screen TV and really looked, what I saw was that the other structures beginning at the base of the ND structure were not structures at all, but MODELS. Look very closely. It appears that there are model pieces laying around the image. In the lower left of the image, there is a model missing an entire wall and it appears there is a model piece laid inside and hanging out of the hole from the missing wall. I did an image search and found a lot of similar images, some had roads, some didn't but all looked fake as ####.

So, a couple of likely take-aways here from my POV include that this last image is either AI generated or that the photo was edited extensively to include a photo of models in the scene. The glaring question in my mind is WHY, or for what purpose? Could it be for the benefit of those of us "with the eyes to see?"

In closing, I'll mention another JL vid I saw several weeks back on magnificent Oregon architecture that was supposedly torn down in the 1930s (circa). In a few of the pictures of this magnificent building that was made with cast iron columns and such, it showed that that in parts of the building, the cast iron was a facade, peeling off, and underneath was ancient red brick. I ask myself how many of these ancient monuments and buildings we see these images of are actually real. Obviously some of them are, yet I'm convinced that many are not.

Would love to hear thoughts on this.


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