Urban Fires of the past vs. Wildfires of today

Can't stay silent on this, for I suspect there is a certain similarity between the wild fires of today and urban fires of the past. The similarity is in the way these events are/were presented to us.

I was always wondering, how could those urban fire events be happening over and over again in 1800s, with people, time after time, buying into the same narrative. Isn't it the same (explanation related) approach used today? These are just wild fires... no sophisticated foul play is involved. What suspicious fire related events did this world experience recently?

8176AB7D-3CEF-4D9D-9CA1-74D612EEFDAB.jpeg BBCA026D-9AC9-4695-BE66-C3D0293EC8F5.jpeg CA-Fires-2017.jpg CA-Fires-2017_1.jpg 20B1DCDD-7CE1-43E7-874E-765DB7224BFF.jpeg CA-Fires-2017_2.jpg CA-Fires-2017_3.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted glass.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted glass_1.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted glass_2.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted glass_3.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted metal.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted metal_1.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted metal_3.jpg CA-Fires-2017_melted metal_4.jpg CA-Fires-2017_selective_1.jpg CA-Fires-2017_selective_2.jpg CA-Fires-2017_selective_3.jpg DAEC66AB-DCA4-4902-921F-B9BE73D073CA.jpg DC73671E-C3EA-450D-AACD-DC077780477E.jpeg


I found it hard to find similar to California photographs from 2021 Greece. The California ones I had saved on my computer, but I remember similar images from Greece as well. Here is a video of some damaged cars, etc.


And now we have Hawaii. The death toll was at 96, last time I checked. Yet this is highly doubtful. This guy in Maui thinks it's a coverup. Meanwhile, what do we see?

hawaii wildfires 1.jpg

On 08/10/2023 the following book comes out.
  • Fire and Fury: The Story of the Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change is a gripping and eye-opening account of one of the most devastating wildfires in Hawaii's history, and how it reveals the urgent need to address the global climate crisis. The book chronicles the events of August 8-11, 2023, when a massive fire swept across the island of Maui, fueled by drought, heat, and hurricane winds. The book describes the harrowing experiences of the people who lived through the fire, as well as the heroic efforts of the firefighters and rescuers who battled the flames. The book also examines the causes and consequences of the fire, both locally and globally, and how it exposes the vulnerability of our society and our planet to the impacts of climate change. The book draws on scientific research, eyewitness accounts, official reports, and media coverage to provide a comprehensive and compelling narrative of the Maui fire and its implications for climate change. The book also offers practical solutions and recommendations on how we can prevent and prepare for future wildfires, and how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. Fire and Fury: The Story of the Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change is a must-read for anyone who cares about the environment, the future of humanity, and the fate of our beautiful planet.
The Great Hawaii Fire of 2023 started on 08/08/2023. Just saying...

KD: If these are not natural wildfires, and people are being fooled today... then we can see the narrative being created in real time. These are not some DEW's (or what not), these are naturally occurring fires due to the man induced Global Warming (or Global Boiling).

Rewind some 100+ years back. Those were not DEW's (or what not)... those were accidental Urban Fires... and masses believed the official explanation?
attached a bing map, with tracking, mapping per individual tree.(the bright green).
that could explain untouched trees between beam fires.

review the melting point.... in the photos
not continual beam in some parts, only over targets

and review the paths of fire in angles.

shapes of the remains:
circles ovals over the remains, and not the shape of the destroyed buildings.

electrical grid:
let us see the other photos:
fire among blocks via electrical grid? no firemans?
no transformers down, no power electricity interruptions or stops? zero safety in the electric grid network?
or let them burn?

electric fire in houses exploding cars nearby, melting car grass, wheels, wiith untouched roads, trees, grass?

grass resistant to fires?

bb.jpg m.jpg
Scaler waves that utilize atmospheric energy appear to be within the realm of possibility. The hurricane pre 9/11 was not (or under) reported. Then the energy was possibly redirected. ENJOY the new ideas! Dustification is the term or the day.

Also see if you like to do more research on the topic. Here a a scholarly article on the topic - Conditions for Scalar and Electromagnetic Wave Pulses to Be “Strange” or Not