2021 Dixie: Wildfires in California

Was watching news on the Dixie fire in California today. Are we experiencing Paradise 2.0? What kind of forest fire would do this? I assume there was a part of some house there. The screenshot is from a video embedded below.


KD: I have not seen any photographs suggesting DEW yet. At the same time I know that I didn't really look for any.

By the way, why wouldn't they use the same "fake rain" tech used in Dubai in order to put these California fires out?
While PG& E has accepted some responsible (refer to link below) for an alleged tree branch rubbing on a UNinsulated wire (read as arcing) being the culprit/origin of the fire. The bigger question & legitimate science of what any critical thinker should be asking is why isn’t there an investigation into the Aluminum Oxide from (drum roll please) the continuous Chemtrail aerosol disbursement for years ?

The 800 Lb. Gorilla is in the room yet no fire investigatory official stating the obvious.

Does a corrupt system investigating itself for Ecoterrorism make any sense ?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?

Federal judge orders PG&E to explain role in Dixie, Fly fires

“Former CPUC Commissioner Catherine Sandoval explained, “what likely happened is that all day long that tree limb was rubbing on the line on an uninsulated power line like a bow against a violin.”

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What can be easily observed requires inquiry as to why it cannot/is not explained.

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