1882: Captain Kostovich's Aircraft

This project was decades ahead of its time and became unique in a number of indicators; we still use many of Kostovich's inventions.
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I enjoy looking at these ancient invention images you find. I think the images are typically made by someone who is not the designer and is going from a description.
In the above image we see something like a combination blimp/airplane, at least I can't see any other reason to have such a large "fuselage" and the area where people are appears closed off from the main chamber. The wings do not appear to have the airfoil cross section that allows airplane wings to produce lift. In the diagram to the left, we see that the propeller is driven by a hand crank operated by two men, though only one is shown but there's a handle on the other side. Would have been a slow mover and probably prone to getting blown around. Why did they use a conventional ladder at the top but a pole with steps on either side on the bottom if the passageway is the same size? Is that pole what supports the lower cupola? Hard to tell but their living area is pretty tiny.
Couldn't really land it with that structure on the bottom; tie it to a Victory Column?