A fresco from the Visoki Dečani Monastery

While some scientists compare the strange objects left and right from Jesus’s head with the spaceships in which aliens used to travel, a majority of domestic experts agree that it is about the heavenly bodies. Serbian historians explain the art as a wish of a former artists to show the Sun and the Moon suffer because of the crucifixion of Jesus.
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How about not aliens or the sun/moon (well, not exactly anyway...)?

The Jetsons car on the right has two eight pointed stars, which is Inanna/Ishtar's most common symbol (also equates to Venus). The fireball and it's driver on the left sure sounds like:
In Sumerian texts, Utu is described as "bearded" and "long-armed". In art, he is shown as an old man with a long beard. He was believed to emerge from the doors of Heaven every day at dawn and ride across the sky in his chariot before returning to the "interior of heaven" through a set of doors in the far west every evening.
Utu is the solar God, Inanna is the Queen of Heaven. They're twins. And they're symbolically all over the place, even today (especially today?).

This is making the rounds now (as is the pressure for "disclosure", whatever that may be...):

A UFO bearing an uncanny resemblance to a 600-year-old biblical painting was spotted flying past the International Space Station (ISS), sparking a series of wild conspiracy theories.

The cone-shaped object is "almost identical" to the religious artwork that dates back to 1350, according to YouTuber 'MrMBB333'...
Click through to see, I'd post a picture, but as this is a media entry, not an article, there's no option to attach.

Here's the video though:

Edit: Very glad this didn't post didn't automerge, I think it's worth seeing if you haven't yet.
That ISS footage is pretty interesting indeed.

They PTB are definitely up to no good. It's like the issue is being deliberately pushed to the forefront.

Gods or controllers?