The Great Reset of 1834 and the Mud Flood

The Great Reset of 1834 and the Mud Flood

Wow what a story. I recommend any lost history lover read her take on what happened. Though she spins the tale as fiction it leaves one asking where did she get some of her ideas?

Leave no doubt she has written a love story of epic proportion's. The lead person is raised in a Foundling Home, forced to marry a powerful son of the , what I would call the devil, for breeding only, eventually falls in love with him.

Ms. Helene obviously saw or read information we have not access. I will take a closer look at the Phoenicians, the crack in the firmament and what are humans really.

One thought I gathered was the Tartarian and the Phoenicians lived during the same time line. There was an acknowledged off world council of review over many planets or realms?

Before the "fall" everyone spoke the same language and lived in modest harmony.

This book is only the first part of the story. I do not know when the sequel comes out but I would encourage buying the book to help ensure that it does.

Thank you