1. 1660 Panoramic view of ancient Jerusalem

    1660 Panoramic view of ancient Jerusalem

    Large panoramic view of ancient Jerusalem, drawn after villalpando, by Hollar, 1660.
  2. KorbenDallas

    Was previous Jerusalem located in England?

    Wanted to post this prior to flying out to Florida. The other day I stumbled into two lines of 1661 text about the "old Jerusalem". I'm pretty sure you will be able to figure out what two lines I'm talking about once you get to them. Meanwhile, let's start with the Skull Hill: Golgotha...
  3. KorbenDallas

    6th century AD: The Madaba Map of Jerusalem

    Some things are funnier than the other ones. The description, and interpretation of this Madaba Map is beyond any common sense. Check it out yourself, examine the below image. I was laughing so hard, my wife came down from upstairs to ask what was up. The mosaicist conceived and carried out his...