1. KorbenDallas

    1770s: Seattle, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Lake Washington and Underwater Forests

    I do not remember how the topic came up, but a while ago, a co-worker of mine mentioned some dude who was making a lot of money by illegally logging an underwater forest in Lake Washington. From the legal perspective, the story ended up being a bit more complicated, but that's besides the...
  2. KorbenDallas

    Babylon, Baghdad, Lake Tharthar: what and where was the real Babylon?

    This article is on how our main stream historians assist in hiding the truth. I have hard time believing that professionals, fully emerged in what I am about to present, failed to notice the discrepancies in the PTB narrative. At some point professionals with integrity had to notice that what...
  3. KorbenDallas

    Circular lakes: evidence of the War of Gods?

    Circular lakes sure do look cool, and are normally considered to be admirable creations of nature. Along with circular lakes there are smaller lakes with imperfect round shape. We are provided with multiple reasons for the existence of the said lakes. Those normally are: meteorite craters...
  4. KorbenDallas

    Manoa El Dorado, Lake Parime, the Lost City of Gold and the Headless People

    Once again we get into the mysterious 17th century and weird terrestrial alterations pertaining to our 1600s. Could things like that be related to this world being somewhat different during the antediluvian times? May be it could, but at this moment we do not know for sure. Hopefully, at some...