Hyperborea: what if it still exists?


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Isn't it interesting that the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station - Wikipedia Is not visible on satellite images?

In fact the entire of inner Antarctica is simply the color white, and doesn't look like true satellite images at all.

Not only is most of it just a diffuse white, the mountain parts have a lower resolution than the Nokia 3310. Clearly someone is interested in not providing high-resolution satellite images of both the north and south pole areas.

Why is the USA the only nation with a base directly at the pole? Also there is no base around the pole within a 700-800 miles inwards. Then inwards we have bases like Vostok Station - Wikipedia

By now we should be able to get satellite data that goes down to the tree level. (And we do have other maps than google where those mountains are more visible. This just as an example of the sloppiness at work here. But even the "high resolution" on the right is incredibly pixelated when you zoom in more). Make no mistake, this pixelation is additional work. Someone took the original data and filtered it.

I don't really doubt the fact that there is indeed this station at the pole, but they make it hard to believe everything surrounding it, with such obfuscation.

Think about it, this is one of the most important achievements of humanity in the 20th century and we don't have any satellite proof of it's existence.


The south pole in all of its glory: (Yes, this is supposedely a satellite image)

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BTW, this is how a real scientist reacts to a camera, if you want to get a break from all those NASA fakers:

Tunnels as tall as the Eiffel Tower discovered under Antarctic ice sheets | Daily Mail Online


Air New Zealand Flight 901 - Wikipedia
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Hell yeah! Now that's a post!

Reading through all of that I can't help but think of one major conclusion...

We have been, and currently are being quarantined in this "world." Between Hyperborea, Ultima Thule, Tartaria, the terraforming project known as "The Amazon Rainforest, The Sahara, and Neu Schwabenland, whatever this world is, it is nothing like we've been told. The maps, the science, the medicine, the education, the religion - it is 51% majority shareholding lies.

Korben, you have any ideas on who or why?

I'll admit I have my megalomaniacal fantasies of implementing mandatory education based on the Quadrivium and 100% efficiency recycling, but, I may lack the resolve to rewrite human history in order to accomplish it.
Incredible post Korben. Some obscurities for sure. Look forward to some sleepless nights delving in to the work of Hyperborea.

Thanks again for the knowledge :)



i believe this is the first dated mention of hyperborea and the pillars of heracles. note that it is not mentioned in wiki or any other literature. why? because it tells us where everything is and so solves the mysteries that the powers that be require to control us..

Olympian 3
For Theron of Acragas Chariot Race 476 B. C.

I pray that I may be pleasing to the hospitable sons of Tyndareus and to Helen of the beautiful hair while I honor renowned Acragas by raising my song in praise of Theron's victory at Olympia, won by the choicest of horses with untiring feet. With this in view the Muse stood beside me when I found a shining new manner [5] of fitting the splendid voice of the victory procession to the Dorian sandal. For the garlands twined around his hair exact from me this sacred debt, to blend harmoniously for the son of Aenesidamus the embroidered song of the lyre and the cry of the flutes with the arrangement of words, and Pisa bids me to raise my voice—Pisa, from which [10] god-fated songs come often to men, for anyone over whose brow the strict Aetolian judge of the Greeks tosses up around his hair the gray-green adornment of olive leaves, fulfilling the ancient behests of Heracles; the olive which once the son of Amphitryon brought from the shady springs of the Danube, [15] to be the most beautiful memorial of the Olympian contests, when he had persuaded the Hyperborean people, the servants of Apollo, with speech. With trustworthy intentions he was entreating them for a shady plant, to be shared by all men and to be a garland of excellence in the grove of Zeus which is hospitable to all. For already the altars had been consecrated to his father, and in mid-month the full [20] evening's eye shone brightly, the Moon on her golden chariot, and he had established the consecrated trial of the great games along with the four years' festival beside the sacred banks of the Alpheus. But Pelops' sacred ground was not flourishing with beautiful trees in the valleys below the hill of Cronus. He saw that this garden, bare of trees, was exposed to the piercing rays of the sun. [25] And so his spirit prompted him to travel to the land of the Danube, where the horse-driving daughter of Leto had received him when he came from the mountain-glens and deep, winding valleys of Arcadia; through the commands of Eurystheus, compulsion from his father urged him on the quest of the doe with the golden horns, which once Taÿgete [30] had inscribed as a sacred dedication to Artemis who sets things right. Pursuing that doe he had also seen that land beyond the cold blasts of Boreas; there he had stood and marvelled at the trees, and sweet desire for them possessed him, to plant them around the boundary-line of the horse-racing ground with its twelve courses. And now in his kindness he comes regularly to this festival of ours, together with the godlike [35] twin sons of deep-waisted Leda. For Heracles, when he ascended to Olympus, assigned to them the ordering of the marvellous contest of men, the contest in excellence and in the driving of swift chariots. And so my spirit somehow urges me to say that glory has come to the Emmenidae and to Theron through the dispensation of the sons of Tyndareus with their fine horses, because that family [40] comes to them with the most hospitable feasting-tables of any mortal men, observing the rites of the blessed gods with pious thoughts. If water is best and gold is the most honored of all possessions, so now Theron reaches the farthest point by his own native excellence; he touches the pillars of Heracles. Beyond that the wise cannot set foot; nor can the unskilled set foot [45] beyond that. I will not pursue it; I would be a fool.

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Jim Duyer

Sorry to be so late to comment on this one, but I just recently joined the site. I would like to add some further thoughts on the north and south pole information being kept secret from us. If you go to the NASA liars site and look up anything on Mars, you will see, very clearly, the statement that "all of the regions of Mars have been mapped." If you look up the footnotes to the sources on the bottom of the page, you will find, upon visiting the sites of the scientists that contributed to this farce, the truth, which is: all areas outside of 70 degrees north and south latitudes have been filled in by interpolation. Which is basically saying that they used a "guestimate" to fill in the blanks over areas that have never been photographed, by any of the Mars exploration missions, or even by the Brits or EU or anyone else. Even though we can clearly see that there is ice formations above the 70 degrees latitude on both the north and south poles of Mars, our scientists feel that this interpolation will suffice, and no flyovers are needed! Interpolation is where they take what they see at 70 degrees and then impute that same information for everything north or south of that latitude, all the way to the 90th degree poles. You can easily confirm my statements by checking the NASA site. Also, we are told by the FAA that flights over the north or south pole are not allowed due to "safety concerns". But when you visit the Boeing or other manufacturers sites to see what the ceiling and allowances are for polar flights, they hem and haw and finally explain that they put the warning out because the FAA asked them to (or demanded of them) and not because the airframes could not handle it. I've researched this quite a bit and it only makes your stomach churn over the huge amount of lies that they are spreading - there must be a very good reason that they do not wish us to learn anything about the polar regions, either on Earth or on Mars.