1870: Beaufort Castle, Scotland. Construction.

I'll be honest. Simply ran into the 1870 "construction" photograph of this Scottish Castle while looking for some pictures for this article here. The picture is claimed to represent the Beaufort Castle under construction. Just FYI, Simon Fraser, 13th Lord Lovat and 2nd Baron Lovat (1828 – 1887), was a Scottish peer. While legally the 13th Lord, he was referred to as the 15th Lord Lovat.

The description for the below photograph is as follows:
  • Beaufort Castle under construction in the late 1870s - the 13th Lord Lovat is shown at right.

Today this castle looks like this.


KD: Do you see anything weird, or inconsistent in the above construction photo of this Beaufort Castle. Does it look like a construction?

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