Book | 1892: Hartmann the Anarchist or The Doom of the Great City


Hartmann the Anarchist or The Doom of the Great City is a science fiction novel by Edward Douglas Fawcett first published in 1892. It remained out of print for over 100 years and has only recently been re-published.

Hartmann the Anarchist or The Doom of the Great City
The plot centers around Mr Stanley, a young moneyed gentleman who aims to stand for election as part of the Labour party in the early 20th century. Through his associations with many of London's most prominent socialists and anarchists, he encounters and befriends Rudolph Hartmann and 'goes along' with Hartmann's plan to attack London using his airship The Attila.


Much of London is destroyed by fire and shells in the beginning of their plans to replace civilization with anarchism:
  • But how is the new order to take shape? How educe system from chaos?
  • We want no more 'systems,' or 'constitutions' -- we shall have anarchy. Men will effect by voluntary association, and abjure the foulness of the modern wage-slavery and city-mechanisms.
  • But can you expect the more brutal classes to thrive under this system. Will they not rather degenerate into savagery?
  • You forget the Attila will still sail the breeze, and she will then have her fleet of consorts."
  • What! You do not propose, then, to leave anarchy unreasoned?
  • Not at once -- the transition would be far too severe. Some supervision must necessarily be exercised, but, as a rule, it will never be more than nominal.

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KD: You can't really make some of this stuff up, but I will just live it at that. For those who want to read this book, there you go:
These books are up to $1k for the first edition. I was unable to find a PDF version of the author's second book Swallowed by an Earthquake. If you luck out, please post the link.
  • If you end up reading either of these two books, please share your thoughts.

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