1914: vision of Moscow in 22nd, and 23rd Centuries

We are so used to the linear human development model, that any deviations from the said model sound very questionable, and unrealistic. Yet, we have various authors who operated within the genre known as surrealism, and fantasy fiction. Individuals like Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Vladimir Odoyevsky etc, managed to envision too many things which allegedly did not exist at the time. Apart from accepting their vivid imagination as the true cause for their predictions, could it be reasonable to suggest that they were privy to certain pockets of "classified" information pertaining to the past?

I used Google Translate to turn Russian into English. In the process, I ran into a small paragraph, which prompted me to create this article. I do not know about you, but there appears to be some serious double meaning involved. The paragraph sounds sad, and seems to be talking about the past, instead of the intended future.

Note: On the back of each card there was a brief annotation to the drawing; look below the image to see the paragraph I mentioned above.


The Paragraph: Looking back at the beautiful past, the task is not only difficult, but just unpleasant. However beautiful the past may be, once it has passed, there is nothing there to talk about. Providing wise historians describe and study the past times, we, the compilers of the proposed short album, had in mind to look, as far as our strengths and variegated colorful Fantasy, in a more or less distant future to our all dear and familiar mother-Moscow. Everyone who knows and loves Moscow is not disinterested to look mentally at what will happen to Moscow and its inhabitants in about 200-300 years. Here are some pictures open to our gaze on the basis of more or less accurate logical conclusions.

With that in mind, I wanted to present to you this collection of eight futuristic 1914 postcards, made by an unknown artist at the request of the Moscow confectionery factory Einem. Drawings on cards show how, in the author's opinion, Moscow was to look in the XXII and XXIII centuries: from 2114 (the card "Central Station") to 2259 (the card "St. Petersburg Highway").

1. Post card "Central Station" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII century" or "Moscow of the future".

3 - Moscow_Central_Station.jpg

Winter is the same as it was 200 years ago. The snow is the same white and cold. Central Station of Earth and Air Communications. Tens of thousands of people coming and going, everything goes extremely quickly, systematically and conveniently. To services of passengers - the earth and air. Those who wish can move with the speed of telegrams.

2. Post card "Moskvoretsky bridge" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII century" or "Moscow of the future".

4 - Moscow_Central_Bridge.jpg

The Kremlin also adorns the ancient Belokamennaya and with golden domes presents an enchanting spectacle. Immediately at the Moskvoretsky bridge we see new huge buildings of trade enterprises, trusts, societies, syndicates, etc. Against the background of the sky slim wagons hanging the airway ...

3. Post card "Lubyanka Square" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII century" or "Moscow of the future".

5 - Moscow_Lubyanka_Square.jpg

Clear evening. Lubyanka Square. The blue of the sky is drawn by clear lines of luminous airplanes, airships and wagons of the airway. From the bridge area fly long cars of the Moscow Metro, about which we were only told in 1914. On the bridge over the Metropolitan we see a slender detachment of a valiant Russian army, which has retained its form since our times. In the blue air we notice the commodity airship Einem flying to Tula with a supply of chocolate for retail stores.

4. Post card "River Moscow" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII century" or "Moscow of the future".

6 - Moscow_River.jpg

Lively, noisy shores of a large navigable Moscow river. On transparent deep waves of a wide trading port huge transport and trading cruisers and multi-storey passenger steamers are carried. The entire fleet of the world is exclusively commercial. The military was abolished after the peace treaty in The Hague. In the noisy harbor, you can see the different costumes of all the peoples of the globe, for the Moscow River became the world's trading port.

5. Post card "Petrovsky Park" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII Century" or "Moscow of the Future".

7 - Moscow_Petrovsky_Park.jpg

We are transported mentally to Petrovsky Park. Alleys are expanded beyond recognition. The ancient Peter's palace was restored, and the Museum of the Petrine era is concentrated in it. Everywhere they beat, sparkling, wonderful fountains. Deprived of germs and dust, perfectly clean air penetrates airships and airplanes. Crowds of people in bright suits of the XXIII century enjoy a wonderful nature in the same place where we used to walk, great-great-great-grandfathers.

6. Post card "Red Square" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII century" or "Moscow of the future".

8 - Moscow_Red_Square.jpg

Red Square. The noise of the wings, the tinkling of trams, the horns of bicyclists, the sirens of cars, the crackling of motors, the cries of the public. Minin and Pozharsky. Shadows of airships. In the center is a policeman with a sword. Robust pedestrians are saved at the frontal place. So it will be in 200 years.

7. Post card "Petersburg Highway" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII century" or "Moscow of the future".

8 - Moscow_Petersburg_Freeway.jpg

Beautiful clear winter of 2259th year. The corner of the "old" fun-loving Moscow, the ancient "Yar" still serves as a place for broad fun of Muscovites, as it was with us more than 300 years ago. For the convenience and pleasantness of the message, the St. Petersburg Highway is wholly turned into a crystal-ice mirror, along which graceful aerosleighs fly, gliding. Immediately on the small aeroslazkah sniff traditional sbitenschiki and sellers of hot aerosayok. And in the XXIII century Moscow is true to its customs.

8. Post card "Theater Square" from the series "Moscow in the XXIII century" or "Moscow of the future".

9 - Moscow_Theater_Square.jpg

Theatre square. The pace of life has intensified a hundred times. Everywhere the lightning movement of wheeled, winged, propeller and other vehicles. The trading house Muir and Merlize, which existed as far back as 1846, has now grown to fabulous sizes, with its main divisions connected to air railways. Numerous engines emerge from under the pavement. Somewhere in the distance a fire. We see an automotive fire brigade, which in a moment will stop the disaster. On the same fire hurry biplanes, monoplanes and a lot of air spans.

Source: Moscow in the future

19th Century Food for Thought

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KD: What's your opinion on these 1914 cards, and their contents? What do you think about the possible hidden meaning of the paragraph in red?
Wow this is a wild one! It jumps on my mind predictive programming of some sorts, like a model to follow idk for sure, just my current toughts

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