Uniforms: Old World Order vs. New World Order

Wanted to bring up uniforms related suspicions I have. I chose 1812 time frame, but it could equally be applied to the entire 1775-1865 time gap, I think. Essentially, it appears that we have been misled and uniform affiliations were intentionally mixed up.
  • These suspicions are partly based on the fact that certain Russian soldiers preferred to speak French at the time.
    • There are various explanations (+1) for that, but I believe those explanations are plausible enough for the masses to ignore the issue.
  • Both British and American soldiers spoke English.
  • Main suspect is the striking uniform similarity.
    • How did they fight in the hours between dusk and dawn?
Thursday Night Football

For this tiny article I chose two major 1812 conflicts, with the following main player:
From the narrative compliant history we know the following facts:
  • 1812 Russia vs. France
    • Russia: Regular Army (green) supported by Volunteer/Militia Units
    • France: Regular Army (blue)
      • Navy is not considered
  • 1812 USA vs. England
    • USA: Regular Army (blue) supported by Volunteer/Militia Units
    • England: Regular Army (red)
      • Navy and Natives Tribes are not considered
Note: The color break down is consistent with the main narrative compliant color schemes of the involved uniforms. At the same time, additional digging into uniforms shows that all of these colors were active in any of the involved sides. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. With enough digging green color will also reveal itself.

My Hypothesis
I believe that the incoming New World Order was in the process of taking over the Old World setup. I am not saying that I'm right about any of this, but that's my opinion on the matter.
  • New World Order
    • Blue French, Blue American, Red British and Green Russian
  • Old World Order
    • American and Russian Volunteer/Militia
New World Order

England: RA

Russia: RA

France: RA

Old World Order
American Volunteer/Militia Units

Some of the American Militia Uniforms not shown here are more in line with the Regular Army ones, but for me this is an additional reason to question the narrative.

Russian Volunteer/Militia Units

I believe the above pattern applies, but not limited to the following events:
Venezuelan Independence War

KD: Certain things simply do not pass the smell tests, and I believe this is one of those. Apart from this amazing timing, when the entire world chose to simultaneously fight for independence, they also selected the same tailor for the uniform provider.
  • In my opinion a certain region of the World lucked out during some catastrophic event. That lucky region still had its pre-catastrophic infrastructure and technology available. That region moved in and conquered the survivors elsewhere.
  • The Old World Order could be Tartarian in nature for some. I am not that sure, but nothing is impossible.